Starfallen Sunpiercer: A Poem

Come, my starfallen sunpiercer

bright horned
clarion call
White body
as exposed as
a host.  Lifted up fragile as the priest’s fingers,
giving God weight.
Butterfly pinned
to the black velvet world
soft with sin
stripped of all
Unveiled to the naked world’s
staring eyes slavering
mouth unable to
a unicorn stepped into the Garden
all contentment with ourselves and our small gods.
We pinned him alive
to die in torment
as evil children kill
insects, and were
pinned in turn on
his horn as sheer
as light
more bitter than
a needle.
He split the world
in half and sewed
up the rip
using his own sinews as
stitching. He cannot be
We have never forgiven him.