Sri Lanka’s Descent

Sri Lanka dances to the tune of the globalists and seeks to normalise homosexual relations and trans-genderism and other kinds of ‘queerness’.

Section 365A of Sri Lanka’s Penal Code currently criminalises “any act of gross indecency” between persons.  One would have imagined that it would be a grave and substantial challenge for a reasonable person to justify that acts of gross indecency and carnal intercourse against the order of nature, should be declared human rights, and be sanctioned, endorsed and celebrated.


On 21st February 2022, the notorious CEDAW committee of the UN – one might describe this with little hyperbole as a battery of unelected radical feminists – who issue recommendations to governments of the developing world as if they had the authority to mandate, decided that the sovereign nation of Sri Lanka should repeal 365A and endorse and encourage lesbianism together with other ingredients in the alphabet soup.  They even decreed inter alia that the government should provide training to the nation’s law enforcement agencies regarding the normalisation of homosexual activity, inclusive of bisexualism, even tagging transgenderism into the melée.

Back on 24th August 2022, MP Premanath Dolawatta submitted a private member’s bill to parliament seeking to amend the penal code in order to legalise sodomy among youth who have reached their 16th birthday, and adults, as long as it was consensual, and between humans.  A concession was provided that the provision on bestiality will remain unchanged[1], even if one wonders on what they base this proscription, if sex is now only about one’s desires and proclivities.

It was deemed that Sri Lankans have “an extremely backward notion”[2] regarding deviant sexual behaviour – that is, it is queer not to be queer.  “Modern psychiatry” was said not to consider sodomy to be perverted, and that the perversity of homosexual relations was a Victorian and colonial remnant. Perhaps they expected the people to acquiesce to institutionalisation of queerness since they no longer desire empire.  While it was activism rather than integrity that removed ego-syntonic homosexuality from the manual of mental disorders, and the mental health of the perpetrator does not determine the perversity of the act, irrelevant arguments and unsound reasoning cloak the reality that these attempts at transmogrification of Sri Lankan culture is in fact subordination to neocolonialism.

US President Biden has stated that LGBT “rights” are core to US foreign policy, and the US is the largest donor to the United Nations.  Freshly returned from Davos, the president of bankrupt Sri Lanka, which is on its knees before the IMF, stated that the Government will not oppose the Dolawatta bill[3].


The national report obsequiously submitted in late 2022 for review by the United Nations’ Human Rights Council’s Working Group during its 42nd session held in Geneva, indicated the Sri Lankan government’s keen desire to conform to the LGBTIQ+ ideologies, even mentioning the prevalence of a legal gender recognition certificate that could be obtained in 3-5 days by “transgender” persons.  When men obtain this legal certification that they are, for example, women, they could with impunity enter female washrooms and shower cubicles – and compete against real women in sports.  Anyone who objects, let alone resists this insanity will be accused and perhaps penalised for harassment and discrimination.

The Working Group of UN bureaucrats issued a report on February 1st resolving that the sovereign nation of Sri Lanka should repeal section 365 and 365A, and normalise not only LGB and T but also I, Q, and the even more vague “+”[4], that encompasses all conceivable “genders”, “gender identities” and sexual orientations – and one that may, or may soon, include paedophilia.  The representative from Chile required Sri Lanka to ensure the legal prevention of persons with homosexual inclinations from seeking and receiving rehabilitation therapy, thus providing clarity to their objectives which is not the wellbeing of individuals struggling with unnatural desires, but the propagation of a culture of vice.  The directives from the UN HRC if pursued would logically lead to the position where it would be illegal for a kleptomaniac to seek remedy, and illegal for a therapist to provide treatment to cure his disordered propensities – and our government would repeal the penal codes concerning theft because the apparatchiks of a supranational organisation seeking global government mandates it.

The Fifth Column

Activists such as Ambika Satkunanathan state that “progressive” values associated unnatural and obscene acts related to sodomy and gender dysphoria being put into the educational curriculum of the state’s children would be a high priority[5], and indicated that textbooks could be changed even prior to the sanctioning of grossly indecent carnal acts by law.  She also stated honestly that the legislative proposal at hand is merely a “small step” in the journey into establishing in this nation what would be a polychromatic dystopia.  While it will be commendable to treat each human being with respect and dignity since they are human beings, it does not imply that all human acts, lifestyles and lusts need likewise to be respected, since there is a distinction to be made between the sinner and the sin.

A petition was filed in April 2023 for the sake of protecting decency by Jehan Hameed, Shenali Waduge and Athula De Silva, pointing out the unconstitutionality of the proposed bill of MP Dolawatte[6], stressing the scandal this would give to the nation’s children when their elders betray them, and the escalation of sexually transmitted disease, especially involving viruses transmitted especially via various forms of unnatural sex.

A flurry of intervening petitions was subsequently submitted in support of decriminalising acts of gross indecency, many petitioners being ex-officio radicals already long in the tooth.  Some of the persons who support the promotion of homosexuality ironically are associated with Saving Children, Child Protection and Child Rights.  Less surprisingly, others are passionate promoters of abortion and have decades of experience in lobbying for the abortion of Sri Lanka’s children, often in association with foreign-funded NGOs.  The local arm of the global abortion business International Planned Parenthood Association, namely the SL Family Planning Association which for years have inter alia been corrupting the nations’ youth, subtly encourages promiscuity with the promise of the availability of abortifacient drugs and devices to flush out the consequences, is another an intervening petitioner.

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[5] Daily Mirror – Sri Lanka Latest Breaking News and Headlines – Print Edition Decriminalising homosexuality: What this means for Sri Lanka – “While decriminalising homosexuality would be a notable advancement in terms of state recognition of the gay and lesbian community, it is still a small step in the long-drawn road to equality.”

[6] Constitutionality of Bill to amend laws to protect LGBTQI community challenged in SC – Breaking News | Daily Mirror