Judas and Spy Wednesday

Valentin de Boulogne (+1632) The Last Supper

Today is Spy Wednesday in our tradition, the day on which Judas Iscariot decided to hand over Our Lord for thirty pieces of silver which was the price of a slave. Thus, fulfilled the words of the prophet Zechariah:

And they weighed out as my wages thirty shekels of silver. Then the LORD said to me, “Cast it into the treasury” — the lordly price at which I was paid off by them. So I took the thirty shekels of silver and cast them into the treasury in the house of the LORD. (Zech 11:12)

Here is the incomparable Bishop Fulton Sheen on the tragic decision Judas made – for darkness, and not for the light:

Christ allowed Himself to be given into the hands of men, as the price of our salvation, and the worth of that Gift is beyond human calculation, infinite in His love for us. And all things work for the good for those who return that love. We should keep that in mind in these fractious times, that, at the end of the day, we will all be weighed and measured on our love, for God, and for one another.