Scotus Unravels the Social Order Yet Further

In 1964, the United States passed the Civil Rights Act, which forbade unjust discrimination based on ‘race, color, religion, sex or national origin’. Today, in 2020, the United States Supreme Court decreed that homosexuality must be added to that list, and that ‘sex’ is whatever a person discerns their own sex to be – no longer the old biological XX or XY and their physiological determinants, boy-girl, man-woman. Now, we are whatever we choose to be, and everyone else – the whole law of the land – must follow suit.

There are distinctions that must be made, which most of the justices seem unable to make – the decision was 6-3, with the dissenters being the usual suspects, Samuel Alito and Clarence Thomas. Newly appointed Brett Kavanaugh dissented, but on a legal technicality – that it was up to Congress to decide – not because he objected in principle.

Fleshing out the requisite distinctions goes beyond this brief note, but let it be said that there is a difference amongst those who have or feel same-sex attraction, those who act upon this disordered attraction, and those who require that society change its laws, customs and mores to accommodate their desires, with any objection or dissent to be deemed illegal.

The same goes for ‘gender dysphoria’. There are some who feel out of sorts with the sex handed them at conception, if one were to put it that way. But there is a difference between struggling with this psychological disorder and unease, and acting upon it.

In other words, the Civil Rights Act was there to help level the playing field for those aspects of one’s life that one either could not help (race, sex) or should not affect one’s functioning in the broad, public society (as in, religion). Even here, we might make distinctions on certain ‘discriminations’ that seemed customary, like women not being placed in front-line combat roles, or not being forced to hire a Muslim for a Catholic school, or a Catholic for an Islamic school.

But we’re way beyond such quibbling now, into normalizing the abnormal, by the full force and power of the state, with hefty fines and jail times.  They have to, for everyone knows that a middle-aged man – or a man of any age – is not a woman, and vice versa, and should not be allowed in a women’s change room or toilet, to say nothing of the young girls. Where and how are the abnormality now to stop? What is t our foundation and compass? Or have we lost the thread entirely, the falcon no longer hearing – or listening to – the falconer, and the centre and hinge giving way?

All I can say for now is hold onto your hats, for the ride just got a bit wilder. But fret not, for the true centre of all time and history will always hold. Stat crux, dum volvitur orbis.