SCOTUS to Rule on Chemical Abortions

At a local pro-life dinner a number of years ago – perhaps seven, but it’s getting hard to tell as time inexorably flows by – one of our alumnae gave a talk, that by far most abortions now, and even more so into the future, will be of the chemical sort. That is, the unborn baby will be poisoned by a drug – mifepristone – then expelled. A self-induced miscarriage, if you will, in more ways than one.

(This, of course, does not include all the unintended and uncountable abortions caused by the contraceptive pill).

The United States Supreme Court is expected to give a decision tomorrow – Wednesday – on whether to tighten restrictions on the use of these human pesticides, after they were loosened in 2015, about the same time that talk was given, come to think of it.

Readers may know my thoughts on rule by judiciary. Government should be as subsidiary as possible, and, in a democracy, by democratically elected representatives, and not nine robed lawyers appointed for life by a monarchical president.

But they’ve what we’ve got, and Deo gratias at least some of them have pro-life principles. So we pray that they are endowed with wisdom, and follow the path of truth and life.