Saint Joan of Arc Against Transgenderism

Dan Hitchens has just composed one of the most insightful pieces on transgenderism I’ve come across, using Saint Joan of Arc as a metaphor, in contradistinction to the modern media, who have adopted her as a kind of confused, dysphoric cross-dressing saint of their own religion. (I had no idea that Louise Ciccone, who scandalously goes by the name ‘Madonna’, was still producing music). Hitchens argues persuasively, au contraire, that Joan La Pucelle – the Virgin, as she signed herself – for all of her unique calling to lead French troops in men’s attire, was quite comfortable in her female body, one that she had consecrated to God, right to the bitter end of her martyrdom. May the good saint Joan intercede for all those caught in this tragic deception, that they may see the truth, and goodness, of the bodies the Creator gave them.