Reveling in Death

wikipedia/public domain

Ellen Wiebe loves her job. I would call her a ‘doctor’, for she is technically qualified as a physician. But since her job is primarily killing people, as Jonathon van Maren points out, especially the most vulnerable, the old, sick, dying and the unborn, and the first principle of medicine is primum non nocere – first do no harm – I would say that in a moral sense, she has disqualified herself from medicine, qua medicine. She glees in death, laughing during her interview in which she claims that in Canada, we don’t use the term ‘euthanasia’, but ‘assistance in dying’. ‘Assistance’? If that’s what you mean by injecting the ‘patient’ with a lethal concoction, and so murdering them. And, yes, murder is still murder, even if the victim cooperates. Try it sometime by hiring a hit man to assassinate you, and he’ll soon be hitting the bricks of a prison cell. But physicians and other practitioners are exempt, ever since euthanasia – ‘MAiD’ – was legalized in 2016.

People only buy the ‘assistance’ part since the patients, in the main, go along with their own demise. But this won’t be voluntary or assistive for long, and I wonder if the Wiebes of the world will still be cackling as they jab their bed-ridden, and good riddance, patients into eternity. Bed-ridden? I wonder if they’ll wait that long, and just off us, when we start drifting into early middle age, or a la Logan’s Run, even when we lose the pimply bloom of awkward adolescence. The devil loves death, and thanatophilila knows no limits. He and his minions would kill us all, if they got the chance. Of course, God has something to say about that: Choose life, that you and your descendants may live. Christ has conquered sin and death.

As a postscript and companion piece, here is a touching tale of a husband caring for his wife, stricken with early-onset Alzheimer’s (try to ignore his own insouciance mentioning his third Covid shot). His wife predicted she would get the debilitating disease, as did her mother, and seems to have vaguely wanted euthanasia should she do so. But he cared for her to her natural death, living to the full what life she could. Such we should all do, whatever God sends our way, until He takes us in His own way to Himself.