Renfrew County School Board Meeting and Josh Alexander

(Besides this notice from PAFE of the upcoming meeting, one of the concerned members of the public has been given ten minutes to give an address to the board members at 4:45 p.m. on the same day, Monday, February 27th, just before the open meeting. Please do pray, and intercede!)

In light of the ongoing saga between the Renfrew Catholic District School Board vs. one of its grade 11 students, Josh Alexander, we have a delegate who is speaking out at the upcoming board meeting on February 27.

The next board meeting is on February 27, at 7pm, and we need as many people as we can to attend and support Josh, as well as our delegate who is bringing these issues forward.  If you live in the RCCDSB, please consider attending, and 

If you’re unfamiliar with the Josh Alexander story, here is a quick recap. Back in November 2022, Josh staged a school walk out at St. Joseph’s in Renfrew in protest of transgender students using the women’s washroom.  This resulted in backlash from the school, which proceeded to “reprimand” Josh by suspending him, issuing him a trespassing notice if he stepped on school property, and now they’ve made the decision to exclude him from school for the remainder of the year. Most recently, when Josh went to the school to attend classes, he was met with police officers, and arrested.

This student acted commendably, trying to protest the gender ideology at the school and protect his fellow classmates. In return the board has put the student’s academic success in jeopardy in the name of woke indoctrination.

Since the RCCDSB is not supporting Josh’s admirable fight, we must stand up for him, and we need your help to do it!


if you can attend the RCCDSB board meeting on February 27

In addition to attending the meeting, we encourage you to support Josh by writing or calling trustees to demand a written policy stating that washrooms are to be single-sex (closed to the opposite sex), with the addition of single-use washrooms established for students who are living as the opposite sex.

Contact info for trustees – please note that phone numbers ring to the board voicemail service:

Bob Shreader, Chair
613-735-1032 ext. 506

Susan Artymko
613-735-1032 ext. 511

Andrew Bray
613-735-1032 ext. 510

Anne Haley
613-735-1032 ext. 509

David Howard
613-735-1032 ext. 507

Pat O’Grady
613-735-1032 ext. 508

This is a fight that we can, and absolutely must, win!

Best regards,

Teresa Pierre, Ph. D., President
Parents as First Educators