The Power of the Holy Name

The memorial of the Holy Name of Jesus dates back to the early modern period, just after the Middle Ages, a devotion popularized, along with that of the Sacred Heart, in the 14th century by saints such as Bernardine of Siena (+1444).

The power of the holy name derives from the One who Whom it was given, by  command of the angel Gabriel:  The eternal and divine Logos of God Himself.

The Hebraic name Ye-Shua, which in Romance languages becomes Jesus, literally means ‘YHWH saves’, signifying that Christ is the very same God of the Old Testament, Who appeared to Moses, led the Israelites out of Egypt, Who created the universe, and every creature, soul, angel, even His own Mother, from whom He took His body, and His foster father, under whose tutelage He placed Himself.

Well, that name is now sacred, a ‘name above all other names’, and to this name every knee must bend, confessing that Jesus Christ truly is the Lord, God Almighty, Who will give us what we ask in His name. (cf., Philippians 2:10)

So be bold: Ask,  and you will receive.