Possible Podcasts?

Dear Readers of Catholic Insight,

In these days of self-isolation and social distancing – terms that were almost unused until a few weeks ago – I thought that a beginning a podcast, a living voice, might help some. This is a new thing, and if it is not amenable or helpful, please do say so, and we will say nothing more of it, cast it into the very dustbin of history, like hopefully this vexing virus soon will be.

But if you might enjoy this and find it somewhat beneficial, then we will continue now and again, hoping that things will improve, as time and practice do for all endeavours. Duc in altum, said Pope John Paul II, but am not sure how deep these podcasts may go.

And, as mentioned in this five minute possible podcast, contributions are welcome, questions, comments, clarifications, submissions and what not. Part of the mission of Catholic Insight is to bring the faithful together in some way, through that notion of dialogue, conversation, eutrepalia, which Saint Thomas is one of the great joys of life, in the pursuit of that Truth, which will set us free.

On that note, listen, for now, as you will: