Poisoned Love

There is much that might be said concerning this revelatory tweet – the cult-like mode of the response to covid, for one. This is uncomfortably close to Jim Jones Kool-aid.

Her notion of love is also at least as problematical. ‘Anti-vaxxers did everything out of hate’, while the vaxxed, even if poisoned, radiate pure, unadorned love?

Saint Thomas defines love – agape – as ‘willing the good of someone‘, including oneself. Is it a ‘good’, and, hence, an act of love, to have an unknown and untested substance injected into one’s body, and to coerce others to do so, even little children and babes in arms? It is beyond doubt that the purported vaccines do harm in at least some of the population. How much, and to how many, is yet fully to be seen, but the signs are grim; and they don’t seem to have done much good.

To expose oneself to risk of death is one thing, even if one is deluded. To expose others, something else altogether, especially as one dedicated to the healing arts.

Primum non nocere, Dr. Natalia. It is not only the first principle of medicine; it is also the first principle of love.