Pods of Perdition

Two connected ominous videos, courtesy of the folks over at SDA, who post things few others find, and fewer still want to make public. What Klaus Schwaub and his henchmen over at WEF have in mind for us scarcely entered the mind of even the most dystopic of dystopian authors, at least as a package infernal deal.

First, the pod cities they have planned, everything amenity within 15 minutes, except, of course, freedom; the place just looks like one giant Supermax prison. Where  is anything resembling a church, or a farm, or a forest, lakes, rivers, and wide open spaces?

Then, while on the theme of pods, in case you were thinking of escaping, even in recesses of your mind, here is an actual WEF talk on ‘brain transparency’, via earpods.

I wonder whether these be actually real, and not spoofs, they’re so bizarre. I mean, come on, there’s no way they would make this public, even if it were part of their plan? As one commentator put it, if this be true, it’s destroyed the ear pod market, with one four minute talk. That said, I do wonder how many would resist, and whether most would just embrace such a brave new world, with unlimited soma and sex, even if simulated? I can’t help but recall Invasion of the Body Snatchers, and the alien pods, that slowly drain your soul, if you fall asleep…

We live in a world gone mad, and who’d put it past them to devise such hell for those of us who survive whatever else is coming down the pipe?

Esto vir, dear reader, confortate, et sperate in Domino, lux mundi et pantocrator. He will protect and vindicate His own. +