Last night a well known—and well loved—celebrity retweeted the comment, “The two rape guys lost.”

    I can accept that people have different political views. Even when the answer seems so obvious: I can accept that people do not see it. What I can’t accept is the kind of ignorance and offensiveness that lets you say, “The two rape guys lost.” This is where the discussion is? Calling republicans “rape” candidates? Did Todd Akin make a stupid statement? Yes. Did he apologize? Also yes. Does it mean that Republicans are pro-rape? Um…what? At least I disagree with Obama because of his politics and I don’t just call him a baby killer. At least I can talk politics with respect and not resort to name-calling.

    This morning a popular blogger wrote, “Yes, Obama. What a thrill.”

    What is worse than reading those words is scrolling through the comments. The word that keeps coming up again and again is “relieved.” Everyone is so relieved that Obama won. I suppose what boggles my mind is that they are so oblivious to any aspect of reality. Does anyone read the news? Does anyone realize what he did in Benghazi, like two days before the election?

    They are relieved that Obama won? Relieved that he will lead us through another four years of high unemployment, big government, and infringement of our rights? Relieved that he wants to fundamentally change America, which he can now do with a Senate majority and three upcoming Supreme Court appointments? We are going to be relieved right into being relieved of our freedom and our will. Good job.

    When we are socialist/communist, living under the auspices of an oppressive government that stifles free market, small business growth, freedom of religion, and freedom of speech, when we are miserable and apathetic because there is no use in caring about anything—they will rue the day they said they were relieved.

    When our country spins out of control over moral issues (we are ripping at the seams even now), when we legalize physician assisted suicide (a step Massachusetts is already considering), when we force abortions and contraception on everyone, when we have gotten to the point where life is nothing more than a choice—they will suddenly find themselves begging for their lives. But they will have no recourse because there is no one on their side: not the government, not their neighbour. It will be a dog-eat-dog world, and anyone who would have been willing to fight will be either dead or in prison.

    This is how things will eventually be—if we don’t fight.

    But Romney lost by two million votes. Fifty percent of our country feels the same way we do.

    That is something we can hold on to.

    It’s a hell of a world out there. – CB

    P.S. Check out Mitt Romney’s concession speech (especially the lines, “we citizens also have to rise to the occasion” and “his election is over, but our principles endure”), and this message from The Heritage Foundation saying that “Now is the time to stand up and declare we will continue to fight against big government and for freedom.” For constant inspiration, listen here.