Of Marijuana and Marriage

Not long until Christmas now, as we have now hit December 20th, with five brief days until the solemnity, and just over two weeks until 2018.

Speaking of which, I heard on CBC radio this morning, driving back from Mass while visiting family in Guelph, that things are not looking all that rosy for next year; rather, they are a bit hazy, as the powers-that-be discern what to do with the upcoming legalization of marijuana. I will write later on the deleterious effects of ‘weed’, and why drugs and alcohol are not the same thing, but be aware that this will bring Canada even further into entropy, chaos, listlessness, poverty, debt, than we already are.  Perhaps the whole purpose is to further divide the ‘elites’ from the ‘ruled’, the mass of sheeple, from the political perspective, who will be kept more subservient and zombie-esque than we already are. Nero ensured that his subjects be kept placated with panem et circenses, bread and circuses; I wonder what he could have done with a steady supply of joints, and a stupefied people well toked up.  As the old commercial had it, a mind is a terrible thing to waste.

Well, back to the CBC:  They were interviewing the vaunted Chief of Police in Toronto, Mark Saunders, on this question, and he was all tongue-tied on how his officers currently enforce the law (for marijuana is still illegal). It seems they will charge those making money from marijuana, but not for possession, a debatable distinction, but this will all have to change sometime next year, if all goes well, or badly, as your perspective has it. What will happen to the current charges and convictions? No one knows.  When asked about what advice he will give his own children, Officer Saunders got even more befuddled, speaking incoherently about ‘choice’ and ‘moral values’ and how ‘all kids are different’ and that no one ‘rule book’ applies to them all, and that parents must ‘fly by the seat of their pants’.  Much of this is true, but curious advice from an officer of the law on an substance the selling of which he has thrown many a man in the clink, with a permanent record.

His confusion is to be expected, as the law in Canada becomes ever-more unhinged from any basis in morality.   When this happens, as the great minds of Thomas Aquinas and John Paul II taught, both unaffected by weed or any other toxic substances, the law becomes a type of violence, imposed from on high by a group of legislators swayed by their own passions, proclivities and that disordered desire to please and be popular.

This whole thing is so mired in a legislative quagmire that our imprudent Prime Minister (who by his own admission has partaken of the demon weed), and who thinks we can just legalize a harmful drug and sell it at liquor stores, seems to have given up on the proposed July 1st roll-out date (pun only slightly intended).  Hopefully, the Senate will impose some sense on the populace, and squash this bill, but me thinks not.  The haze is ubiquitous.

The next segment had people responding to their deepest wish for Christmas.  The voice was a woman’s, expressing her desire was to meet up with her new ‘wife’, whom she met in Honduras, where they ‘fell in love…deeply’.  Their ‘joke’, such as it is, is that all they want for Christmas ‘is you’.  I was just going by a Catholic church as I was listening to this, providentially enough, as it finally dawned on my slow, conservative brain that they were both women, and I fumbled for the off switch. Ah, yes, what was that about law and morality… Well, the Canadian is now processing her Honduran so she can immigrate.  I wonder if the Honduran will still like women when she gets her papers.

Some good news, there must be some good news somewhere, but most of it south of the border:  President Trump has passed what seems like some good tax legislation, and a court in California, of all places, has ruled that a baker is not required to make a cake specifically for a homosexual ‘wedding’. Perhaps a sign of things to come…

And there is of course good news  in the spiritual realm:  Christ is nigh, the voice cries in the wilderness.  So have hope and good cheer, for when it is often when things seem darkest that the light begins to dawn.