Of Depravity and Bullying

*A blessed solemnity of Saint Joseph to one and all!


*To paraphrase the words of the great American Justice, Robert Bork, we slouch each day closer to Gomorrah.  Louise Ciccone, the woman otherwise unfortunately known as ‘Madonna’, has crossed another threshold in her older-age depravity (she is now in her later fifties) by exposing the breast of a 17 year-old fan on stage.  The teen, apparently, was not troubled.  Far from it:

Speaking to Brisbane’s Courier Mail, Georgiou said after the incident, “Only I get to decide if I’m humiliated or not – why would people assume I am humiliated by my own breast, nipple or body? I didn’t realize my boob was such a big deal — it was nothing to me.”

Georgiou is not planning to sue Madonna for what she called “the best moment” of her life.

*Add to this yet-another movie from the ‘why was this made?’ department of Hollywood (there seem to be lots of such departments…and to think that I almost ironically typed Holy-wood, would I wish!) about a sexually-deviant foul-mouthed female Olympian athlete.  I will not provide a hyper-link, nor even a title, for this pile of trash, since I could not even finish reading the review, and I warn you away from going anywhere near this.  In fact, I am not even sure why I am writing about it, except in retaliation against such nihilism, and continued degradation of the fairer sex.  I wonder where the audience who will shell out ten bucks for such films resides?  Or is Hollywood under contact to a malign influence?  One does wonder.

*And speaking of censorship, Saskatoon has entered a new phase in our Canadian brave new world by intending to pass a ridiculous, but nonetheless evil and stultifying bullying by law.  Police, yes those individuals provided with lethal force and the power to ruin your life in perpetuum, will now be charged with enforcing such offences as “rumour-mongering, name-calling, taunting, mocking and ostracizing” which would be outlawed under this legislation.  Pardon me?  There goes my blog, if it is read in Saskatoon, and if the police there can catch me.  The law would apply to individuals as young as 12 years old, with fines from $300 to $2500.  So much for your pocket money and educational savings.

*I used to fear we are becoming unhinged in Canada, but now I know it.  How does a police officer possibly enforce the offence of ‘name-calling’ or ‘ostracizing’?  Not getting picked first for the pick-up baseball game?  A boy who refuses the advances of another, ahem, boy?  A gaggle of girls giggling, apparently at the awkwardness of the gangly ‘other’ who still has a crush on the lead singer of the Back Street Boys?  These laws will apply specifically at schools and playgrounds, so, yet again, the intrusive Nanny State enters into the most private lives of our children, who will grow up even more brainwashed, subservient, fearful and anxious than before.

*’Bullying’ used to be a means to grow in virtue, to stand up to the coward, who uses his apparent physical or psychological strength to dominate.  Just watch ‘My Bodyguard’ or the ‘Karate Kid’ or even the original ‘Footloose’, sure enough, dated 80’s movies, but with touching plots on how a young man stands up to the bully in his life, and grows in the process.  Unless there is true criminal intent involved (and there are already plenty of laws for that), let us deal with our own problems, under the principle of subsidiarity, and keep the police for what the police are for.

*I am sure Saint Joseph did not need the Roman Legionaries to stand up to those who threatened his foster Son and his wife, Mary.  May he intercede for this country and for our world.  Should we not, I ask, aim to produce more real men like him, rather than sniveling wards of the State who have the 911 Thought Police on speed dial?

Sancte Joseph, ora pro nobis!