Nota in Brevis November 30th

saint andrew crossToday is the feast of Saint Andrew, Apostle, brother of Saint Peter, patron of Scotland, Russia, Ukraine and Greece, for what reason are somewhat historically obscure.  Here is the Wikipedia take on the matter, whether accurate or not:

According to legend, in 832 AD, Óengus II led an army of Picts and Scots into battle against the Angles, led by Æthelstan, near modern-day AthelstanefordEast Lothian. The legend states that he was heavily outnumbered and hence whilst engaged in prayer on the eve of battle, Óengus vowed that if granted victory he would appoint Saint Andrew as the Patron Saint of Scotland. On the morning of battle white clouds forming an X shape in the sky were said to have appeared. Óengus and his combined force, emboldened by this apparent divine intervention, took to the field and despite being inferior in numbers were victorious. Having interpreted the cloud phenomenon as representing the crux decussata upon which Saint Andrew was crucified, Óengus honoured his pre-battle pledge and duly appointed Saint Andrew as the Patron Saint of Scotland.

It is historically accurate, as far as I can determine, that I was born in the bonnie land, so Saint Andrew, ora pro nobis!


james furcilloOfficer James Furcillo, yes, the man who shot Sammy Yatim eight times, five while he was lying prostrate mortally wounded on the ground, now admits that his primary motivation was to ‘get home safe and sound to his family’, and that police officers are ‘not paid to get stabbed or shot’.

Of course, it is unclear how much he has been coached by his defense team, and how much of this he actually believes.  Does he, and his fellow officers, not realize that they are paid their large salaries, and offered their early retirements, partly due to the fact that they do in fact face the risk of getting ‘stabbed or shot’?  To reduce that risk to near-zero, James Furcillo should have taken up woodworking or library science, or stayed in his original capacity as a security-guard.

How about a drop of remorse, Officer Furcillo?  If his is the attitude of his fellow officers, then God protect us all.  It makes me more convinced of the truism that those who have a burning desire to be police officers (or politicians, or rulers of any sort) are likely the last people who should actually be chosen


climate changeThe U.N. Climate Summit has now begun, with our Prime Minister declaring in his role as anti-global-warming-(or-is-that-climate-change?) warrior that ‘Canada is back’.  Back from what, one may ask?  From the chilly days of Conservative eco-foe Stephen Harper?  I will post an article soon on so-called climate science, and how unscientific it has become.  For starters, carbon dioxide is not a pollutant, and is in fact the ‘air’ of plants, which are necessary for life, as well as the normal exhalation of humans.  A perfect balance, one would think.  There is little evidence that it actually produces global warming, which has sort of stopped over the past generation (hence, the unfalsifiable and hence pseudoscientific thesis of ‘climate change’).  But then Trudeau would not permit his mind to dwell upon that ‘inconvenient truth’, for, as a man of slogans, his intellectual grasp of reality seems, well, slim.  Pray for the attendees, and that the truth of the evil of what they are trying to do to sinks in.


*I also notice that interest rates are going up.  This, unlike the Syrian war-connection of Prince Charles, is in fact likely connected to climate change, at least insofar as the untold billions wasted on dead-end ‘green technologies’ have dried up real wealth and efficient, viable energy production.  Woe to those who are on the razor edge of their mortgage payments when interest rates, unlike the sea levels, do indeed rise. But maybe we can all live in igloos if Trudeau and his gang are really successful in reducing global temperatures by the time our homes are foreclosed.