Murder for Minors, Inc.

As readers may know, the Liberals intend to offer euthanasia for minors – it has been delayed for a time, but here, apparently, is a ‘recommendation’ in the ongoing ‘consultations’ the Liberal party is conducting for its ‘euthanasia’ strategy – my apologies for all the scare quotes, but what is one to write or say without them?

However accurate this report is – and I still hope it’s not – we’re way beyond worries about Chinese interference, electoral policies and fiscal boondoggle – as bad as these things are, and may be our undoing. We’re now into the dark and disconcerting milieu not much different from, say, 1930’s Deutschlande, whose ‘elites’ had their own plans to remove ‘life not worthy of life’.

Of course, all life is worthy of life. As the post-er asks, ‘who’s next?’. Indeed.

Euthanasia is murder – only the intention differs, and we all know how fickle intentions are.