Miscellany from the Dominion

Nathan Pinkoski paints an intriguing analysis today in First Things of why the reaction to Covid is so extreme in Canada, and why our benighted Dominion in its Trudeaupian trance is doubling down.

Not least on vaccine mandates, which are being dropped provincially, but maintained federally, where they know it matters most. Who cares about going to a restaurant, gym or another boring film, when the un-vaxxed cannot get on a plane, train or bus, often cannot work, are being fired, and are forbidden from leaving their own country? I know dedicated military personnel who have more or less been summarily discharged, no payout, and barred from future federal employment. All the while, Russell Williams, disgraced former air force pilot, convicted of rape and murder, is getting his handsome pension while sitting in his jail cell, probably with a paid Netflix subscription and library account.

And there are countless and selfless other employees, in hospitals, universities, schools, offices, some with years of dedicated service, kicked to the curb.

The managerial political class in Canada – and there are legions of them, whom Pinkoski aptly likens to modern-day Janissaries – react with self-righteous indignation. Tut, tut. Why don’t they just get jabbed, eat cake, and be done with it? How many times they must do so is left uncertain and vague, as we morph ourselves into pharmaceutical slaves.

Yet, and yet…A whistleblower from a German insurance company has just revealed that the deleterious effects of the vaccines may be far worse than reported, if extrapolated from the data to the general population. As he says, in subdued tones, ‘it would be unethical not to talk about it’.

Meanwhile, as many of us have been saying for quite some time, lockdowns didn’t work. A study from Johns Hopkins has shown they did not significantly reduce death rate (the effect was basically unmeasurable). Some are still arguing for other benefits of universal house arrest, ignoring, of course, the yet-to-be told widespread economic, psychological, and spiritual devastation they have wrought, especially in children and the young. The same may well soon be demonstrated with the vaccines, perhaps with far worse consequences. Neither India and China have approved Pfizer’s concoction due to its, ahem, ‘side effects’.

And Trudeau wants to coerce this jab an indefinite number of times into every Canadian from cradle to grave?

I hope it’s not as bad as the insurance-whistleblower says, but in the meantime, people should be free to take that risk, or not. Anything else is quite simply criminal.

If these mandates remain, there will be a reckoning, one way, or the other.