March for Life 2022 and Keeping Up the Holy Fight

The March was Life was a breath of fresh air, in more ways than one – the 25th anniversary, if I am correct, of this witness for life. On a beautiful May Day, with temperatures in the mid-thirties (yes, that’s in Celsius, which I could not have written a week ago in this northern clime). There were over a thousand present, perhaps many more, and that’s without all the students normally bused in (as an official mentioned to me, for some reason, that was not arranged this year). But those that were there, were zealous and filled with life.

Yes, the pro-abortion crowd were loud and proud, chanting – well, yelling – continuously, perhaps to drown out their troubled consciences. I was disconcerted primarily by how young they all were, mostly women, even girls, screaming for the ‘right’ to have their own babies killed. Alas. What bitter fruit our ‘educational’ system hath wrought…

We pro-lifers prayed, conversed, sang and walked, through the streets of Ottawa, a powerful witness. The contrast between sadness on the one side, and joy on ours, was palpable.

And, yes, I wish there were more, many, many thousands standing for life! We’re very thankful for the priests – and, yes, at least one bishop – who were present. More would be most welcome, so we all might stand in this together.

Speaking of bishops, the episcopacy of America has asked us to pray and fast today for the cause of life, and the striking down of Roe v. Wade. We all must do our part, and I am happy to help.

But bishops have to do their part as well. It is, quite frankly, a scandal that the likes of Trudeau, Biden and Pelosi can tout unconditional support for abortion, with impunity, and at times with tacit support from all too many in the Church, even at the highest level.

Trudeau recently tweeted (how long will I have to type that verb?) his and his government’ unswaying support for a woman’s right to ‘choose’, and all with all other ‘reproductive rights’, and Mrs. Pelosi just led another vote in the Senate the other day to enshrine a federal right to abortion, to skirt around the Supreme Court. Fortunately, it failed, but where are the rebukes, the condemnations – besides a few solitary episcopal voices – even the excommunications? Why are they are they still given Holy Communion? What it will take? Will any of them ‘pray and fast’ for an end to abortion?

We will not win this battle without summoning all that it means to be the Church militant, and the spiritual armaments that Christ has given. The foot soldiers should strive to do their part, but so must our officers. Lead the charge, good men, and we will follow!

To the ramparts!

Et ad vitam! +