Mammon’s Morbid Might

The conviction of David Daleiden and the Center for Medical Progress is a tragic one for the pro-life cause. As you may have read, they were found guilty of exposing, in an undercover sting operation, Planned Parenthood’s  gruesome and deeply evil ‘business’ of selling the body parts of aborted babies. Whatever one thinks of their tactics – there was some debate on the notion of lying – their uncovering of the grossest lie of all should have won them honours, not crippling fines. The prince of this world, waxing strong, will win his minor victories – after all, Mammon is his – but he won’t win the war. Of course, Mr. Daleiden should do what he might not to pay the $870,000, much of which will only go towards killing more babies. Let the devil get his own dosh.

And, alas, Chick-a-Fil has chickened out, capitulating on their principles, refusing now to donate any portion of their significant mammon-esque profits to any group that is ‘anti-LGBTQ’, including the Salvation Army which, to this reader’s knowledge, is not exactly at the forefront in the battle for the culture of life. One may recall the protests by the usual suspects – lightly-employed ‘activists – which greeted the chicken franchise’s store opening in downtown Toronto. It seems even a whisper of uncomfortability with aberrant sexual behaviour – such as Democratic candidate Peter Buttigieg making out with his ‘husband’ at campaign events – is enough to get one condemned and ostracized semper et ubique.  So be it. I must admit I’ve never had a Chick-a-Fil sandwich and, I suppose, now may never. Fast food’s not my thing, but, even besides that, I’d now recommend a more universal chucking of Chick.

President Trump’s impeachment hearings – snoresville, so I have heard, although I have seen none of it, with lifelong bureaucrats in bow ties droning on about vital interests in Ukraine – is ramping up, with now decorated soldiers testifying in full uniform of quid pro quos. Whatever the Presdient did or did not do, I’m not sure the powers-that-be, here, the Democrats, realize what an infernal Pandora’s box they are unleashing, for civil war needs but a match – such as Trump’s impeachment – to light the powder keg. Then again, perhaps they do. As one pundit put it, the universities are not much else but breeding grounds for the ironically uber-fascist and socialist ‘Antifa’ movement. It’s soon going to be about a lot more than chicken, as it always has been.

There are really only two ways, the way of life and the way of death. It is up to us to choose – life, that is, that we and our descendants may live.