MAiD Really MAiMS Medicine

Ten thousand reasons is a catchy charismatic praise and worship song. Of course, I may not play it at Mass, but it fits around a campfire.

On a more tragic note, there are now ten thousand reasons to end the evil of euthanasia in Canada, for that is now the number of victims of the euphemistically termed ‘MAiD’ – medical assistance in dying. As predicted, the initial ‘safeguards’ – that this would only be administered to those suffering unbearable pain at the very end of their life – are now mostly gone. Pretty much anyone now can apply to be offed, for reasons ranging from depression to diabetes (according to recent stats, 1740 people have been euthanized for ‘loneliness’).

A better acronym would be MAiMS – medical assistance in murder and suicide. And this does maim the entire medical system, turning our physicians into assassins, inverting the ‘first do no harm’ principle. The way was paved for this moral cancer by a half century of abortion, and other crimes against life – contraception, sterilization and so on. Now we have the actual maiming and mutilation of children in the name of transgenderism.

And the cancer is spreading, for even those physicians who do not murder, mutilate and maim, are forced to aid and abet in such, for if you don’t refer, or if you doth protest too loudly, you may well lose your licence. See no evil, and speak no evil.

We’ve written before on the history of the German euthanasia program in the 1930’s, itself a prelude to their ‘final solution’, to rid their nation entirely of Jews, and other ‘undesirables’ and ‘life not worthy of life’. A few very evil men got their way by the silence and complaisance of the rest.

Suicide and murder – regardless of intent – are by their nature grave moral evils which, if done with full knowledge and consent, lead to the loss of eternal life. That, dear reader, is the ultimate tragedy in all this.

All we can say is that Trudeau, like his father before him, has opened the floodgates of hell and we must close them before it’s too late. They will not prevail in the end, but they can do a lot of harm in the meantime.