Elizabeth, Regina, Requiescat in Pace

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Queen Elizabeth has died, after a reign of 70 years, at the age of 96, at the royal residence of Balmoral, Scotland, on this, Our Lady’s Birthday. Requiescat in pace, and we may hope and pray that she, although never embracing the true Faith, availed herself from what faith she did have of God’s mercy and salvation. Here is a brief reflection we posted last year, on the 69th anniversary of her reign. We may have more on what may unfold in the days and weeks ahead, with her putative successor, climate zealot Charles the Third, who may be nearly as unhinged as his ancestor George of the same number; but, for now, we pray and intercede for his mother Elizabeth before the throne of the Creator. For a fuller, and frankly more eloquent, reflection, see today’s post by Mark Steyn.

On this June 2nd, in 1952, Elizabeth was crowned Queen of England, and all her colonies, in Westminster Abbey, which, if my math is correct, would mark her 69th anniversary, the longest-reigning British monarch in history, by a fair piece. I have reservations about the modern monarchy – its apostasy during the 16th century had disastrous consequences – but Elizabeth is a sympathetic figure, echoing a bygone era of manners and decorum, always poised and gracious from the first moment of her reign.

King Louis XIV ruled France for an impressive 72 years, and holds the historically longest sovereign rule – but then, he was a little lad of five when he acceded to the throne, while Elizabeth was 25 when she heard the news of her father, George VI’s, death, while on tour with her husband Philip in Kenya. Philip just died at the ripe old age of 99, while Elizabeth is still a spry 95, showing no signs of retiring or slowing down much – bestowing upon poor Charles the record of the longest-reigning heir-apparent in history. (He’s 72)

A few days before her coronation, on May 29th, Edmund Hilary and Tenzig Norgay had conquered Mount Everest in the name of Britain. Hence, the pageantry of Elizabeth accepting the crown of Britain and her empire was a high point of the old order – and it’s sadly been downhill ever since, into the sad, socialist quagmire that England now is, with immigration just barely balancing a low birth rate – Elizabeth’s four children would now be considered a rather distastefully large family, but would be on the smaller side when she had them.  And the Queen was crushed by the breakdown of her children’s marriages, calling 1992 her annus horribilils.

We continue to hope for better days, even against hope. And, if not, well there’s always eternal life. And we pray for Elizabeth, Regina, as the words of the anthem already proved true –

God save our gracious Queen!
Long live our noble Queen!
God save The Queen!
Send her victorious
Happy and glorious
Long to reign over us
God save the Queen!