Letter to the Editor, et Respondeo

Readers should feel free to write to me about anything posted on these pages, and I will do my best to respond, in the spirit of dialogue and debate which, as we just posted on the medical debacle, is the way to seek the truth.

On that note, a reader expressed the following concerns on the post on Josh Alexander and the Renfrew County School Board:

Thanks for doing that. Good overview.  My only objection was your suggestion that he would be better in the long and short run not to fight publically this but withdraw into the private sphere.
How many people have been awakened by his witness…how many parents may now take their children out of the “Catholic system”…,  how many people may have the courage to speak out against this abomination privately and publically because of Josh’s revealing “the emperor has no clothes”.  What if the little boy in the parable had just said, “Forget it, these people are too far gone.”
Some thoughts for what it’s worth -I  know we hold somewhat differing views.
God bless, Rae.
And here is my reply, for now, although this does require more thought and reflection. The reader may reflect more on the ‘sub-standard’ quality of our education – which has been going down for quite some time now – in a comparison we’re about to post shortly.
Good morning, Rae,
I think that we all should continue to fight for justice, truth, freedom and basic sanity, and on that we agree. We should stand against these transgender policies wherever they are instantiated. 
I just think that the education given in our Catholic schools is sub-standard, and if Josh’s fight is for the right to receive such an education, that to me seems sort of futile. 
I hope this distinction helps.  
In oratione +