Letter to the Editor: A Response to Hitchens

A reader responds to the reflection by Dan Hitchens, to which we linked the other day:

The blatant omission by Dan Hitchens of the coercive experimental vaccine mandates by Pope Francis within the Vatican, and its intended reverberation through Christendom, raises the distinct possibility that this “balanced analysis”, for that is the veneer he wishes to paint upon the reader, is nothing more than an apologetic piece in favour of Deep Church.

Dan gives us thesis v antithesis and then a moderate and emotive solution synthesis, a third-way to cozy “faithful to the pope” Catholicism.

Hegel would be proud. Ugh!

Certainly, the cooperation of the Pope and the Vatican in the ‘coercive experimental vaccine mandates’ has divided the Church, and is a scandal to many Catholics. To this day, Vatican City State is one of the few places left on earth restricted to those with a ‘green pass’, signifying they’ve received the mRNA injection, can certify they have had Covid or have tested negative for Covid within a given time frame. Every employee had to receive the purported ‘vaxx’, or be barred from entry and considered unlawfully absent from employment, with ultimate termination if one did not comply. So much for mercy, compassion and freedom.
The effect of these mRNA ‘vaccines’ is still vehemently debated, with much – one might say overwhelming – evidence signifying the risk of harmful side effects, often grave, at least to some segment of the population, along with their lack of efficacy in preventing what they were purportedly designed to prevent. Of course, correlation does not necessarily imply causation, but it’s certainly a significant clue, and one that is in the main dutifully ignored, for reasons that are not fully clear. There is even evidence that the data are being deliberately manipulated and massaged.
Sad, that the current Magisterium – for we know not how much of this is the Pope, and how much those behind him, the ‘deep Church’, as the correspondent says – has allied itself, even coerced cooperation, with what is at least dubious science, if not worse. Such mandates are beyond the reach of papal authority (and beyond the directives of the CDF in December 2021) – medical interventions do not fall under divine revelation, nor are they necessarily connected thereto, and do not bind in conscience.
The truth will win out in the end, as it always does.