Let us Out, and Let the Sunshine On

To those advocating enforced inside enclosure to ‘contain the virus’ and ‘flatten the curve’ – house arrest, if you will, for both the hale and healthy, as well the sick and ailing – please do read over this wise advice from a medical professional.

Evidence of the proven beneficial effects of sunlight and fresh air not only on influenza patients, but in preventing infection in the first place, seems irrefutable, as is most common sense.

Our mothers and grandmothers already knew that. Locking children – and adults – indoors, watching the blue light from various screens, is no way to contain and ameliorate any pandemic, to say nothing of the spiritual and intellectual degradation that ensues.

So, even though it be Holy Week, and you may want to wait ’till Easter, here is the Beatle’s Here Comes the Sun, written by George Harrison in early 1969, as he hid out in Eric Clapton’s house to avoid a business meeting. Placed on their final album, Abbey Road, it is the most streamed of all of the Fab Four’s hits.

Like all of us, George rejoiced, whatever his spirituality, in the Sun’s healing rays, the melting of the ice, and of cold, stony hearts, as should we all: