Justice, in Charity

We pray for the victims, and in a different way for the perpetrators, of the terrorist attacks on Israel- being described as their ‘9-11’, as the violence in this world increases, and charity grows cold. Attacks on civilians is barbarism, and we will have more thoughts on this soon. For now, we intercede through Christ to the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, for peace somehow to be restored, even if, as the old adage has it, si vis pacem, para bellum. May what justice must be meted out, is done so with the same spirit of reason, and, yes, even charity, that should inspire all the actions of the civilized world, even in war. Sometimes, love must be tough, but also tempered by the mercy that is the name of God Himself. We cannot allow the barbarians to cause us to descend to their level, for then they have won their real victory, and a pyrrhic one it would be.

Deus, miserere nobis.