John Paul II, Ora Pro Nobis!

A blessed Passion/Palm Sunday to all our readers…On a note of hope note, today is the 18th anniversary (yes, I know, tempus fugit, memento mori and all that)of the death of Pope John Paul II. May he intercede for the Church, for our country for our world, for all of us, from heaven. We may wonder whether he foresaw in some inchoate way what was coming – hence, his vast corpus of teaching is a bulwark against the confusion, an clarifying antidote to the ambiguity and incoherence. We should recall that the papacy is a means to an end, not an end in itself – to lead us to Christ and to the truth. Any given Pope may fulfill that task more or less well. But the papacy, and the keys that belong thereto, is Christ’s, Who will set things to right in due time.