In the Timeless Spirit

A thousand years is like a day.       2 Peter 3:8

Recently I had the pleasure of listening to Fr Celso Benedictine, enlightening us with one of his weekly presentations about Living in the Divine Will.  I always enjoy his talks because they bring so much hope, trust and joy amid the darkness hovering over us.

Suddenly, Fr Celso made a comment that took me back to my younger years  – at least 30 years ago.  I went deep into thought and found myself in a conversation with a priest I was sharing personal experiences with, that were bringing about a deeper conversion within and around me.

The priest I was pouring out my life to, simply said at the end of our discussion, “You have a share in the life of Jesus.”  I didn’t ask any questions and perhaps should have, however at that time I understood this to mean I had some similar experiences as Jesus and the Blessed Mother and went on my way.

Interesting how I carried this spiritual connection in my soul for so many years – similar experiences – and yet left it there with nothing more to ponder.

Fr Celso suddenly said in his presentation today, that we become more like Jesus in the Divine, in His Will, and Living in the Divine Will.  The connection to the former priest’s comment made me realize that it took 30 years for me to understand this more completely and it must be in God’s time with a thousand years being as a day.  I realized the limitation I/we have upon us until more is revealed and the perfect time God reveals it to us!

Either way, knowing a lot or knowing a little, God has given me what I need to know for the moment in time and I take that light and move forward with it.  Why?  Well, because HE wants me to and not myself.  It becomes more than a share in His life; it becomes HIS life in HIS Divine Will.

We live in such a fast-paced world with constant change and technological upgrades and yet our dear Lord wants us to slow down while we wait and listen for His word and guidance – His enlightenment.  This is how my relationship deepens with Him. It’s in the suddenness of the Holy Spirit opening our ears and eyes that we receive enlightenment from above!  Our soul is filled with certainty, hope, faith and love that can never be shaken.

Thank you for letting me share with you…