Imminent Arrest and Seizure: Farce, Tragedy, or Both?

With the new draconian power – not the same thing as lawful authority, mind you – of the Emergencies Act, truckers, along with anyone else deemed to be ‘protesting’, will soon face imminent arrest, as attested in a letter handed out personally by the Ottawa Police. Perhaps this is why the chief resigned:


Trudeau is also ordering banks, investment companies, portfolio managers, to freeze and seize any assets that may even be seen to support the protestors in any way. If the government can now dip its cold grasping hands into your savings, just because it doesn’t like what you’re doing, or even where you happen to be – the term ‘demonstration participants’ is rather vague one, perhaps deliberately so – then there’s not much left they cannot ‘touch’.

Is this all a farce, a comedy or errors of a poseur Prime Minister, as Father Raymond de Souza opines, invoking an act meant for war to commandeer tow trucks; or is it a prelude to something more sinister and insidious?

Beware, dear reader, for whatever unfolds, what happens to these brave souls will soon come down the pipe towards all of us. Unless Trudeau is stopped, we will soon be the true, north, and once free.