Hydro Rates, Jet Set Ministers and Sid the Kid

It was reported the other day that it is now economically impossible for hydro rates to decrease in Ontario.  You may wonder why, and if I can find the article again, I will link to it:  The basic premise is that the Liberal government, under McGuinty and Wynne, have bound Ontarians to contracts with ‘green’ energy producers, so that we (the consumers) buy their so-called clean energy (wind, solar) at a rate many times higher than so-called ‘dirty’ energy (gas, coal).  Ontario could, if we wanted, have the lowest energy rates around, for we have lots of resources, not least natural gas.  But as things now stand, even if we save energy, we will still be paying through the nose, or through the turbine, as the case may be.

Yes, ideas have consequences, and the idea of ‘carbon pollution’ is a powerful one indeed, instilling religious-like zealotry in its adherents.  No cost is high enough, no sacrifice great enough, when the spectre of climate change is at stake, especially when the costs and sacrifices are borne by others.  Yes, McGuinty will still helicopter in to his private cottage, and Wynne will be chauffered around in her limo, and both will jet-set around the world, with all their cronies.

But the hoi-polloi must be made to pay and obey.

On that note, I found this snippet also interesting:  The federal Liberals, to the tune of $14,000 flew in a cabinet minister (Marie-Claude Bibeau, if you must know, the International Development Minister) from a conference in the Hague, so that she could vote in the euthanasia bill.  I recall speaking to a young staffer on parliament hill about such costs, and what they really mean:  To put this into perspective, the government used about one-fourth of an average man’s salary, that is, a father of a family, struggling to make ends meet, getting up early in the wee hours and going to work, for about three months straight, just to jet this over-feted woman over, first-class we may presume.  We may also presume that she stood up and said ‘aye’ to Canadians being legally murdered by their health-care personnel.  Otherwise, she would have been kept at the Hague.  In fact, now that I think about it, that’s where the International Court is located, is it not?  That’s likely where she and her cronies all belong; if history ever returns to sanity, we may see a lot of people put on trial.  Strive to stay on the right side of history, dear reader, which means the right side of God.

Following my comments on sports and the Olympics, ponder the surprise visit of hockey player Sydney Crosby to a family the other day, which made headline news.  The Dad had made a plywood sign and put it outside his driveway, begging the young ‘star’ to sign his jersey, who had been reputed to be in the area.  Sidney showed up unannounced, while the Dad was at work (did the hockey player not realize that some people work during the day?), while the wife and young daughter were home.  The wife answered the door ‘in her bikini’, and left Sid the Kid with the daughter. Of course, they were ecstatic, over the moon, like some greek demi-god had entered the villa of some matron in 383 B.C. “He’s in my house!”, she exclaimed with unbounded glee:

We respect (Crosby) and we were so honoured, I didn’t want to do anything that he might not appreciate,” Lingley-Pottie said about the player’s unannounced visit. “But I think because it is a good story … I think we’re good.”

Anything he might not appreciate?  Who cares?  They were worried about the mess.  Tell Sid to vacuum the rug and do an honest day’s work. (I write half in jest…sure, I’d give the guy a beer). My hope here is that the family cares that much for God.  If they tidy up for Sid, why not for each other?

They can scarcely contain their joy and gratitude:

It shows just what a down-to-earth, great person he is,” Pottie added. “At the end of the day, he’s just Sid Crosby, hockey player, international superstar, greatest player on earth … and a really nice guy.

“I get to put that sweater on my wall now and tell people that story every time they see it. That’s just the greatest thing ever.

The greatest?  Hockey?  Sure, Sid bestowing some of his busy time and his limited glory upon a lowly family, yadda yadda, but what does this say about Canadians and their priorities?   The ‘Kid’, who is from Cape Breton if memory serves, plays for an American team, who presumably pay him the most, and likely that’s where he lives and spends his millions most of the time.  So much for home-town loyalty.  Ho-hum.