Giving Thanks

A blessed and joyful Thanksgiving to all of our readers, and we may include our American neighbours, who, of course, hold their own day of thanks later in November, for various historical and cultural reasons (but who do honour Christopher Columbus on  this day, resonant with its own cultural overtones, now, alas, controversial, even dangerous in some locales, as his statues and his memory are being obliterated down the memory hole of history).

For now, in these days of grace, enjoy this holiday, and make it truly a holy-day, to offer our gratitude to the good God for all His benefits, and to stand in solidarity with those who seem, in earthly terms, to have far less for which to give thanks.

All things work to the good for those who love God, so hope and trust, for, as Bd. Julian of Norwich said, all manner of things will be well in the end.