Freedom Rally 2022: Truckers, Trudeau and Truth

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A group of us pilgrimaged forth in the bitter cold last night to support the convoy of truckers heading to Ottawa for today’s Freedom Rally. We all stood on the edge of Highway 17 – hundreds, if not thousands, of us, for miles upon miles – cheering them on, holding flags and signs. The joy and enthusiasm were palpable; it was all peaceful, as the trucks, impressive in their size and sense of power, rolled on by, the arms of the truckers waving out the windows, sounding their horns, which bellow like those of ocean-going vessels when heard up close. It seemed never to end, and didn’t, as we finally left just after 10 pm, and I don’t think the main convoy – miles long – had even reached us. But they have now reached our nation’s capital.

This rally is being watched by the world. It may be now or never.

Trudeau doesn’t get it. Like most mendacious manipulators, finding himself cornered, he has tried to turn the tables, positioning himself as a poor, maudlin victim:

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says he’s concerned about the potential for violence during this weekend’s planned protest on Parliament Hill by truckers and others joining the crowd.

In an interview with The Canadian Press, Trudeau says the “freedom convoy” is no longer a protest against the federal vaccine mandate for cross-border truckers and has morphed into a forum for a small minority of “very angry” people opposed to all public health measures to curb the spread of COVID-19, some of whom espouse violence.

[…] he says threats of violence should not go with the territory for anyone who steps up to serve, including politicians and health-care workers.

[…] Trudeau stresses that the protesters do not represent the vast majority of truckers or the vast majority of Canadians who’ve done the right thing by getting fully vaccinated to protect themselves and their loved ones. (read more)

The truckers against democracy and proposing violence? Where be the evidence? They are the very symbol of freedom and the people, doing their hard, plodding work, slogging through millions of miles to bring goods and food to our homes and our tables. As I quoted the other day, if you got it, a truck brought it.

Is it not the ‘health care worker and politicians’ who are proposing ‘violence’, with enforced injections of a not-fully-tested concoction, that is clearly harmful to some, even on children and infants and pregnant women? But should not even the possibility that this inoculation might – just might – be causing miscarriages and disrupting reproductive cycles be cause for concern?

I’m surprised people are still believing the lies of the Liberals. Then, again, we’ve seen the power of propaganda and persuasion (CBC! CNN!) before in history, and it is being proven again before our very eyes.

We’ve said this before, but it bears repeating in light of Trudeau’s comments, who presents a different persona from the one who just last week wondered whether we could ‘tolerate’ the unvaxxed. For those readers who have gone along so far, but are now on the fence, keep in mind that the definition of ‘fully vaxxed’ is a shifting one, with calls for perpetual booster shots, each one a potential risk. And the government has already arrogated to itself the perpetual power to decree lockdowns and restrict any of our freedoms, anywhere, anytime, on anyone, regional or country-wide, for the foreseeable future. All without proper parliamentary process (which would still not make it morally justified).

If that isn’t against democracy and an act of violence, what is? Who would want to live under such a regime? And what will such an amoral man as Trudeau do to those who should not be ‘tolerated’ and who stand in the way of his ideology? What would stop him from having such people hauled into the proverbial cattle cars to destinations unknown?

I wish I were overstating the case – or the possibility – but we are at a tipping point. Keep in mind that Trudeau supports, without compromise, the right to murder unborn children up to the very moment of birth, at the whim of the mother, and her – ahem – ‘health-care provider’, no limitations, no questions. Anyone who in any way, however mildly, rationally, or politely, disagrees, demurs, or even questions this policy on abortion – or on the vaccines by the way – is cast forth from ‘his’ party, into the outer darkness of ‘misogynists’ and ‘racists’.

Trudeau also legalized the murder-suicide of the elderly, sick, and mentally ill. Oh, so far, it is ‘voluntary’, but even that slope is slipping with such things as advanced health directives and the doing-in of the depressed.

Now he wants to mandate a purported vaccine – again, not really a vaccine, but an untested genetic therapy, for emergency use only – on each and every Canadian, baby, child, teenager, young, old, man, woman, expectant mother.

Should we not – as a free democracy – leave this decision (and not abortion and suicide) up to patients and their physicians?

Even before the mandates, Trudeau had already deprived Canadians of their fundamental rights to religion, freedom of movement, emigration, travel, expression and freedom of speech, assembly and communication, habeas corpus, integrity and autonomy of body. There seems no end in sight. In fact, without resistance and non-compliance (hopefully peaceful), this will never end.

From what I have seen, the people are not on Trudeau’s side, and, even if some are, they shouldn’t be. Here is one police officer who I hope speaks for most of them.

We may hope his dwindling number of followers, even those tasked with enforcing his measures, drops ever further as his draconian measures ramp up, and more see the light, before it is too late.

For it may already be too late. Someone said to me recently that these rallies should have begun back in May, 1969, after Trudeau, Sr. legalized abortion, and sowed the seeds of an incremental cancerous socialism, giving the government near-untrammeled power over our bodies and minds, which is now reaching its full metastasis. Hyperbole? Look around thee, gentle reader, and see for thyself, and what our truckers are resisting.

But we may hope there may yet be a cure, or at least a line in the sand. So, go truckers! Stand for freedom, for what Canada was, and may one day be again!

A final caveat: Scripture warns us that this, ultimately, is a spiritual battle. We cannot return to ‘normal’, to a Canada immersed in immorality, which is what ultimately caused the mess we’re in. We must get back to God, to His laws, and re-build the Christian nation of this great nation’s forefathers – and yes, all those unrecognized mothers! – founded on family, love, freedom, the protection of the vulnerable, and good will towards all.

Put not your trust in the arm of man. We do what we can, with our five smooth stones, to defeat the Goliaths that face us. Truckers, police, pundits and politicians, along with all of us hoi polloi can only do so much. We must pray, have faith, hope and trust, and let the Almighty do the rest.

Esto robustus, says God to Joshua, be strong, stand fast, take courage. I am with you, unto the end.