For the Record

Contrary to what is reported on a certain website, I am not claiming that the SSPX is in ‘schism’ – only that the danger lurks within its mindset and modus operandi – We cannot build a Church without the papacy and outside of the office of Peter,- a fitting thought on the feast of Saints John Fisher and Thomas More. This is not to confuse the office with nay given man who sits on the chair of Peter, and what ‘obedience’ means to any given Pope is a complex one. Within that discernment, the devil may tempt us in all sorts of subtle and insidious ways, not least with the ‘good’, even the very good.

Nor, by the way, do I claim that anyone within the SSPX is in schism. After all, is the SSPX? People attend their liturgies for all sorts of reasons, their membership fluid and the situation itself is varied and unfolding. And who speaks for them?

Plus, I should clarify that my name is Meenan, not Meehan 🙂