Real Grave Matter

As the search continues for what are turning out to be rather elusive and mysterious mass graves, the tragic irony of the following is poignant:

Canada now leads the world in using assisted suicide to kill this vulnerable group

Yes, Trudeau and his Liberals have now extended euthanasia to prisoners, and 32% of the prison population is Indigenous, so one can figure out the probabilities of more than a few of them, as the article alludes, opting for a quick death than a lingering one’s life away in a jail cell:

Kim Beaudin, vice-chief of the Congress of Aboriginal Peoples and a member of the Correctional Service of Canada’s National Aboriginal Advisory Committeestated…”I’m not in support of (the law) because I’ve always believed there should be hope for them to get out of there…But a lot of people have given up; a lot of Indigenous people have given up inside.”

And a lot more may yet ‘give up inside’

Canada’s euthanasia and assisted suicide laws are among the world’s most permissive and are set to expand in 2024 to people with mental disabilities.  

Because of this, Canada is now the international leader in euthanizing prisoners. While the raw numbers are low, only nine prisoners as of March 2022, they far exceed Belgium, which euthanized its first prisoner this year. Statistically important also, the first three prisoners euthanized in shackles were all Indigenous Canadians.  

They won’t have any trouble finding those graves.