Father Joseph Koterski, Rest in Peace

From the Fellowship of Catholic Scholars: He will be sorely missed….
R.I.P. – Joseph Koterski, S.J.
Faithful Fellowship member and past President, Father Joseph Koterski has died. He had been giving a retreat at Fordham University when he collapsed after having a heart attack.
Those who knew him even a little recognized that Father Koterski was one of the hardest working men around, as well as one of the most available and generous, truly Catholic in his very bones. A clear thinker and superb editor who spent countless hours teaching and forming the intellects of students of all ages, he was a gifted and in-demand retreat master. Apart from missing the sheer goodness of the man, the Fellowship will dearly miss his many contributions, not least of which is his editorship of the Quarterly.  
Father Joe was president of the Fellowship of Catholic Scholars for six years. He was succeeded by Bill Saunders in 2014, whom I succeeded in 2020. Bill and I never ceased looking to him for wisdom and guidance and good cheer. We know all members of the Fellowship feel the same. May he rest in peace, and may we continue the good workl of the Fellowship in his memory.