Fare Thee Well, Education…

On the sad state of our educational system, at all levels, one could wax eloquent for many hours. We have the well-compensated teachers at our colleges, having now been on strike for weeks, using the students as pawns in their game of monetary poker.  Such is the effect of a state-funded system, rife with endemic strife, who makes more than whom, pensions, benefits, packages, salaries galore, the coddled and the less coddled.  And the students lose their year.

Of course, many students are in programs that could do with being lost, but at least in college they often learn something true, for the practical skills have to be tested against what is known as the ‘real world’. Bridges and buildings actually have to stand up, cars drive, and food taste at least palatable.

But at university, one can hide from truth more effectively, in the realm of ideas and theories, whose effect on reality, minds and actions takes longer to discern and realize. Marxism may sound good to some on paper, but when put into effect, you get the Soviet Union under Stalin.

And here, the University of Ottawa has denied club status to the resident Pro-Life group, which has held that status for a decade, with peaceful demonstrations, debates and discussion. Yet, after being approved, in a recent subsequent ruling, the once-venerable university, founded as Catholic by the Oblates of Mary Immaculate, sent an email to the Pro-Life club casting them into the outer darkness of the shunned, stating in blunt and blank authoritarian tones:

This email is to inform you of your club’s removal from the SFUO clubs system. This decision was made due to the ways in which your mandate is in contention with the SFUO’s principles

And what principles might those be, one wonders? That unborn life is of no value?

I myself wonder why people send their young people to such a place to get, what was that quaint term?, ah yes, educated.