Enforcing the Party Line – Or is that Lie?

We shall proclaim destruction – why? why? – well,

Because the idea is so fascinating. But we must get

a little exercise. We’ll have a few fires – we’ll spread

a few legends … And the whole earth will resound

with the cry: ‘A new and righteous law is coming.’”

Dostoevsky, The Devils

When George Orwell was writing 1984, his dystopian masterpiece, in the 1940s, he may have been channelling mental images of Charlie Chaplin’s tramp in his 1936 film Modern Times which depicted surveillance technology as an oppressive tool in the hands of a powerful technocracy.

And while the film’s ‘technocracy’ represented the management only of a large manufacturing corporation, there’s something jarringly Big Brother-ish about the boss’s huge face barking orders from a giant two-way telescreen ordering the frazzled little tramp back to work and ultimately provoking his nervous breakdown.

Fast forward nearly a century and such screens have long since become ubiquitous. As confirmed in recent months by every-day citizens finding themselves confronted by Big-Tech’s all-seeing power to intrude even into routine choices where favourite websites and YouTube channels are suddenly cancelled. Rejected. Wiped out as if they never existed. Such as LifeSiteNews – another victim of cancel culture – which has been taken down for thought-crimes of reporting critically on morally destructive government policies such as abortion, transgenderism and so on. Yet another sign of Big-Tech’s consolidating its overwhelming power around the two major 2020 themes – the organized electoral defeat of Donald Trump and the enforcement of all leftist orthodoxy surrounding the Covid-19 pandemic. All without so much as an opposing peep from the U.S. Congress which could break up the increasingly sinister monopoly of Google, Facebook and Twitter … but does nothing. Is this because leftist politicians are benefitting directly from Big Tech’s Woke ideology and its mind-controlling methods intent on changing your thinking to theirs?

Cancelling Donald Trump

First to Donald Trump who, in the initial hours of election coverage on November 3, appeared to be winning a landslide victory over Democratic Party opponent, Joe Biden. Yet beginning around 2 a.m. that all changed in the returning offices of at least five swing states where the Trump vote began to recede as the Biden vote rose – a statistically impossible feat if normal counting methods are followed. And to many, hard evidence of massive voter fraud being committed in a complex combination of ways including fraudulent mail-in ballots, false or illegal regular ballots and the use of voting machines which, using special software, appear to have flipped tens of thousands of Trump votes to Biden.

Within hours Stop the Steal became the mantra. That is until media and Big-Tech moved fast to obliterate it by ‘cancelling’ its promoters all over the place. Moreover, the ‘fix’ also appeared to be in in the legal community where dozens of lawsuits – armed with thousands of  sworn statements  from direct witnesses and widespread hard evidence of massive fraud – were refused by judge after judge without a hearing. To which the media repeated the lie dozens of times a day that these lawsuits had failed because the evidence had been debunked, when the truth was the lawsuits were not heard at all!

Still the media and Big-Tech campaign to legitimize Biden as president pounded on relentlessly until January 6th, the day electors were supposed to appear in Congress to tally the electoral count to either ratify or reject Biden. January 6th was also the day that Trump addressed his supporters, who gathered outside the Capitol Building for a rally in which he warned them they would have to ‘fight like hell’ for their country or they would lose it. He also directed his followers to be peaceful.

Which turned out to be the opportune moment for a riot to break out in the same Capitol building where Speaker Nancy Pelosi had already ordered the Capitol building police to stand down just as Washington Democrat mayor, Muriel Bowser, similarly ordered the DC police to stand down.

Many have suggested the reason for the stand-downs was to allow Trump supporters to be infiltrated by rioters who, once inside, began to incite violence ending in the deaths of five Americans. And for which Donald Trump was impeached for a second time for inciting what Democrats called an ‘insurrection’. Was this simply more political theatre incorporating such violent activists as Antifa and BLM (Black Lives Matter) to ensure the electoral tally was not taken that day? And to further persecute Trump, their hatred of whom now appears psychopathic?

Nevertheless, Trump’s second impeachment trial ended in another acquittal as a body of evidence continues to grow that the January 6th Capitol breach had indeed been pre-planned and pointing to the likelihood that Trump had been set up, once again.

But why? Particularly since he had already left office.

Towards a Socialist Country

For the answer, revisit a statement Donald Trump made on several occasions: ”The United States is not a socialist country. And while I’m president, it will never become a socialist country!”

For the past five years, the U.S. president has been castigated by almost all media as a charlatan, a rogue, a liar and every epithet he could be tarred with. And his Twitter habit of defending himself in public —which, in the media world, is a no-no — had provoked them into near-derangement.

Yet during the four years he was in power, the life and fortunes of the average American improved considerably. Employment and wages went up and international business agreements abusive to the U.S. economy were reversed. Borders were subjected to tighter laws and restrictions. And abortion funding, both nationally and internationally, was reduced dramatically. With the agreement of prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu, the Israeli capital was moved to Jerusalem and an historic peace treaty was signed in one of the most fractious places in the world, while Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and Trump reshaped American foreign policy towards American interests. Bottom line: the U.S. reversed course on many of former president Barack Obama’s socialist-trending policies.

Which is why Donald Trump had to go! One way or another.

Enter Covid-19

Then, as the 2020 election year approached, came Covid-19 with origins in Wuhan, China. So on January 31, 2020, Trump stopped all flights from mainland China for the protection of Americans, for which he was called ‘racist’.

A year later, it now appears that Donald Trump has lost his battle to retain the presidency, despite the belief by millions of Americans that he won a second term as president and that his loss of upwards of 15 million votes to Biden amounts to the greatest theft in American history.

TIME admits Conspiracy

Ironically, TIME magazine agrees. Three months after election day, the magazine chronicled “the inside story of the conspiracy to save the election” which, according to reporter Molly Ball, involved an alliance of left-wing activists and business leaders organized by Mike Podhorzer,  political director of the largest federation of unions in the United States.

According to Ball, these groups worked together for many months before the election as a “well-funded cabal of powerful people, ranging across industries and ideologies and working together behind the scenes to influence perceptions, change rules and laws, steer media coverage and control the flow of information.”

“Their work touched every aspect of the election,” she continued. “They got states to change voting systems and laws and helped secure hundreds of millions in public and private funding. They fended off voter-suppression lawsuits, recruited armies of poll workers and got millions of people to vote by mail for the first time.” They also pressured social media companies (read Google, Facebook, Twitter et al) to take a harder line against ‘disinformation’.  And after election day, “they monitored every pressure point to ensure that Trump could not overturn the result.”

Although Ball does not acknowledge any of the actual mechanics used—such as Toronto-based Dominion Voting Machines— she acknowledges that these groups were successful in changing rules and laws in the states where leftists worked since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic to undermine accountability in the voting process. Beginning with exaggerating the danger of the virus to justify the widespread use of insecure mail-in ballots.

The result was that this shadow cabal pulled off a revolution in voting results. In the end, nearly half the electorate cast ballots by mail, for the first time in history. About a quarter voted early in person. Only a quarter of voters cast their ballots the traditional way: in person on Election Day.

The Biden Effect

All of this was engineered by interlinked campaigns of vast deception aimed at removing a duly elected president and replacing him with a basement dwelling former vice president who couldn’t  campaign normally due to cognitive degeneration, but who, on Inauguration Day, could swear before a crowd of less than one thousand bystanders, tens of thousands of flags and 26,000 National Guards to uphold the Constitution.

After which he signed of a blizzard of executive orders on his very first day in office – all destructive and all reversing the constructive changes made by his hated predecessor.

Beginning with his very first order which was to cancel permits for the Keystone XL pipeline, which Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau called ‘disappointing’ and which immediately cost tens of thousands of jobs on both sides of the border. The order also pushes Canada toward ever greater economic cooperation with China. But that’s only part of it: while Biden was killing a pipeline his fellow citizens would benefit from, he was also promoting a deal with the Taliban for a trans-Afghanistan pipeline to bring Turkmen gas across Afghanistan and Pakistan to India, enriching one of the world’s worst dictatorships. Biden also rejoined the U.S. to the Paris Climate Accord and re-elevated ‘Climate Change’ to an essential element in U.S. foreign policy.

Next up was his executive order said to be first and foremost on his agenda – the one that marked a total reversal of all Trump pro-life policies, including the rescinding of the ban on transgender Americans joining the military. The new EO also rescinds the Mexico City Policy, which banned US government funding for foreign non-profits that perform or promote abortions. And to ensure these reversals, Roe v. Wade will be codified, Planned Parenthood will again be fully funded, and American taxpayers will be forced to fund abortions.

Flooding the Zone

This was followed by another order completely reversing Trump’s efforts to apply strict restrictions to immigration. Under Biden’s plan the US Refugee Admissions Program will be expanded and agencies will ensure LGTQI+ refugees and asylum seekers to have equal access to protections. The high wall construction to secure the border will be terminated and all deportation and work authorization will be deferred until June 30, 2022, effectively reopening the southern border to all and sundry.

And with this, Biden will have huge help for his functionally lawless approach that would see countless thousands of individuals flooding an already deeply stressed country. He will be assisted via the Ottawa-based Global Refugee Sponsorship Initiative (GRSI) – funded by billionaires George Soros and Frank Giustra through a proposed “public-private partnership” to assist with the surge in refugee admissions to the U.S. promised by the Biden administration for the next two years. Retired American investment manager Ed Shapiro, through his Shapiro Foundation, has also joined the initiative.

But a question: Is it too crass to point out that the Smartmatic software – used in Dominion Voting Machines – is also owned by Soros?

Totalitarianism Rising

But this is foreground. Percolating in the background are all sorts of phenomena most Catholics would deem direct threats to all freedoms, including speech and worship. In no particular order, consider the following:

As Donald Trump was being impeached for a second time, the New York Times was calling for a ‘Reality Czar’ to monitor media. Apparently Times writer Kevin Roose was surveying “our truth-challenged information ecosystem” and found a proliferation of “hoaxes, lies and collective delusions.” Which, he said, limits the Biden administration’s ability to “unite a country.” Why? Because “millions of people have chosen to create their own version of reality,” argues Roose. Requiring the creation of a ‘reality-czar’-led government task force to root out disinformation,

So who could be trusted as a reality czar – an arbiter of Orwellian truth overseeing a Truth Commission? Particularly in politics where the truth is almost always subservient to power?

Eradicating History

Consider too the destruction of statues of traditional American icons such as Abraham Lincoln, a phenomenon occurring throughout 2020, which is perfectly fine with San Francisco School Board president Gabriela López, a former teacher leading the district’s charge to eradicate American history by plotting to remove historic figures from more than 40 district buildings, including George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Paul Revere, and Lincoln.

Lopez is part of a new anti-American wave that has swept the U.S. in the past year which has seen activists vandalizing and toppling statues of historical figures, city fathers and saints, In a recent interview with The New Yorker, López boasted that ideology is more important than truth and that political ideology has effectively replaced knowledge among younger American leftists now engaged in blacklisting and smearing historical leaders and every ideal they stand for. All reminiscent of the Chinese Cultural Revolution with its monument-defacement, historical revisionism, memory-holing, and never-ending character assassination. And according to The New Yorker, what’s worryingly clear is that falsehood does not bother Lopez one bit so long as lies further her political goals.

And all this is unfolding as BLM – steeped in Marxist anti-family and LGBT ideology – remains the enforcement arm of the Democratic Party, so much so that this violent group is nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize. BLM is also pushing an agenda-driven curriculum into America’s K-12 schools, an agenda that is not only racially polarizing, but one that calls for defunding police, disrupting the nuclear family and replacing individualism and capitalism with socialist globalism.

So who can be surprised that, after a century of “progressive democracy”, a large bloc of voters now accept arbitrary political “corrections” – aka “wokeness” – such as: men and women are interchangeable, children are property of the state, unwanted babies are expendable, there’s no difference between right and wrong which are merely points of view, white skin is evil, and dishonesty, cheating and lying are proper activities of any government acting “for the people.” The resulting cultural and moral deformations to society are now legion. And aided further by the sudden appearance of Covid-19 which has played a pivotal role as cities collapse, places of industry become empty shells, residents hide their faces behind masks and avoid each other, including loved ones, while depression, despair and non-Covid deaths multiply.

Marxism thrives

The ministers of Marxism have done their job well, frightening children into believing their God-given country and all its bounty is evil and that it can only justify its existence by following environmentalist and socialist dogma.

All intended to cause ruin. And to force the entire North American population to return to the socialist diet of lies that grew under Obama and which the left is determined to return to, thereby forcing Americans to assent to and become part of the Bolshevist Big Lie and all its cunning duplicity and perverse rationale. And which began its international infection with Russia in 1917, just as Our Lady of Fatima warned.

And as British psychiatrist and writer Theodore Dalrymple recently underscored with this observation: “In my study of communist societies, I came to the conclusion that the purpose of communist propaganda was not to persuade or convince, not to inform, but to humiliate; and therefore, the less it corresponded to reality the better. When people are forced to remain silent when they are being told the most obvious lies, or even worse when they are forced to repeat the lies themselves, they lose once and for all their sense of probity. To assent to obvious lies is in some small way to become evil oneself. One’s standing to resist anything is thus eroded, and even destroyed.”

The result? “A society of emasculated liars easy to control. I think if you examine political correctness, it has the same effect and is intended to,” he concludes.

So does this mean that to swallow the Big Lie of a stolen election – which if tolerated will ensure the United States of America (and all of North America, for that matter) never returns to their Christian foundations and days of beauty, benignity and bounty – is to therefore become worthy of the punishments this crime will doubtless confer?

Only the Lord God knows. But He also offers continuous graces and insight into how to return to Him and to the peace, light and order only He provides to a world that only He can save.

Without God, the world is looking darker by the week as it suffocates in the dank air of the Big Lie. It also seems that as the left pushes Marxist dogma hard to turn brother against brother until it’s achieved the Orwellian “all against all”, ironically, the one thing disunited Americans can agree on is the prospect of civil war.

Civil War ahead?

According to a recent Zogby poll asking likely voters whether they believe their nation is heading for war with itself, nearly half believe the U.S. will suffer another civil war while 42% thought not and 11% were not sure.

“It’s quite astounding that nearly half of voters think we are headed for bloodshed!” the poll report said. “If we are to judge by the last four years of divide and vitriol, among voters, then maybe it’s not too surprising. Biden hasn’t exactly made things calmer on Capitol Hill. But are we really close to citizens hurting each other on a large scale basis? Still, the fact all political stripes think a civil war is inevitable is not the bipartisanship we were hoping for.”

Meanwhile, as politicians sink into irrelevance and oblivion, and democracy wanes due to the massive corruption of all its systems, straight ahead are the oligarchs, the new purveyors of real power who, under the pretexts of the World Economic Forum, the Great Reset and the Green New Deal, are already erecting the new tyrannies geared towards global socialism.

Which brings us back to Fatima where Our Lady appeared to warn the world about communism which was about to ignite in Russia. All about the denial of God and the self-deification of mankind, communism’s long century of self-defined prophets of social justice, such as Lenin and so many others, caused the deaths of nearly 200 million people in the U.S.S.R., the People’s Republic of China and other ‘workers’ paradises’. And for just as long, communism’s vast architecture of evil – with its atheism and all its opportunistic moral diseases – have been attacking the immune system of once Christian Western culture and enslaving it. And intentionally.

Yet no real solutions or serious counterattack against this soul-destroying and therefore world destroying blight can begin without first seeing the Truth – which is the Truth of Christ. Anything less or anything else is doomed to fail.

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Paula Adamick is founding editor of The Canada Post, the newspaper serving the Canadian expat community in the United Kingdom (about 200,000 of us) from 1997 to 2012. With a BA in English and Journalism and a UK Masters degree in International Journalism, Adamick has also served as arts correspondent for The Scotsman and as a frequent contributor to The Evening Standard, and The Daily Mail (all UK) as well as to Canadian publications such as Challenge and Catholic Insight.