Dr. Kwasniewski Responds

(In light of continuing a dialogue in full truth and charity and to ensure his own thoughts are fully represented, here is a reply I received from Dr. Kwasniewski, which we re-post here with his gracious permission. Would that more interlocutors responded so!)

Dear Prof. Meenan,

Thank you for your recent articles in which you have engaged with some of my writing. Even if we don’t see entirely eye to eye, I sense in you a sympathetic, careful, and charitable reader.
In regard to daily Communion, I thought I should point out that I am, in fact, quite a defender of this practice, against the truly Jansenist arguments I’ve heard now and again:
On the point of daily Mass attendance, you might find that this article offers further clarifications on my views:
Lastly, although I know we all have too many books to read (at least, that seems a common complaint among those who still enjoy reading!), I think you might find interesting my recent book The Once and Future Roman Rite, which, of all my books, is the one where I lay out most fully my case for retiring (or at least retiring from) the Novus Ordo and laying hold again of the traditional Roman Rite.
Once again, thank you and God bless you.
Dr. Kwasniewski