Descent into Lunacy: Here Come Sri Lanka’s “Gender” Bills

Consequent to endeavours and successes in banning nitrogenous fertilisers, establishing “climate change” universities, liberalising sodomy and LGBTQ+, decreasing the age of consent to 14 and thereby legalising paedophilia – all in obedience to the directions emanating from agencies of the United Nations and its patrons, the latest Sri Lankan move towards achieving the objectives of the Agenda 2030 is the proposed enactment of the “gender” bills.  These bills are not merely little misanthropic attempts at societal transformation – or should we say “reset”, but are particularly egregious in their all-encompassing breadth of scope, being proposed apparently innocuously as means of legally empowering the allegedly marginalised and oppressed women of this island.

Two gender bills were announced by the President Ranil Wickremesinghe on the 8th of March 2024, these being the Gender Equality Act and the Empowerment of Women Act.  Considering that the nation’s Constitution recognises the equality of citizens under the law, it might be thought that a “gender equality” bill would be superfluous, and indeed entirely unnecessary when one innocently assumes that gender refers to people as distinguished into men and women, both sexes being equally citizens.  And yes, it is unnecessary, but perhaps equality here does not mean equality.  Further, two more gender bills have been promised by the President to the head of the World Bank.

So why are Western Governments pressuring subservient Sri Lanka to make these laws, containing jargon that only few understand, and by which many are deceived?


One technical objective mentioned in both bills is the enforcement of the provisions of the National Policy on Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment.  This policy, using the euphemisms of “women’s rights to control their reproductive bodily integrity”; and “enabling the sexual and reproductive health and rights”; and the ensuring of “the universal access” thereof; goes on to spell out directly that one thing that is sought is legal reform with respect to abortion.  That is, the killing of children prior to their birth.

This is no surprise considering that this National Policy was developed with “technical support from the UNFPA” – the UN agency mandated with culling population in the developing world, and the close associate of the International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF) – the largest abortion business in the world, which is the parent body of the Family Planning Association of Sri Lanka (FPASL).  The UNFPA globally, vigorously promotes abortion, abortifacient birth control, contraception and promiscuity education of adolescents (using the term “comprehensive sexuality education”).


The still extant and never rescinded Kissinger report outlines the foreign policy of the USA with respect to diminishing population of the developing world.  The USA has been a major source of funds for the operation and activities of the UNFPA.  The UNFPA – dedicated to promoting “sexual and reproductive health,” is becoming more brazen in promoting abortion around the world, ignoring international consensus that leaves abortion laws to individual countries, and outsourcing its data collection to radical pro-abortion organisations.

Although the UN General Assembly has never endorsed the view that abortion is a human right, the UN’s human rights bodies have repeatedly asserted that it is.  Human rights bodies also assert that denying access to abortion is a form of “violence against women”, or, what they now call “gender-based violence.”  The UNFPA asserts that attempts to protect the family, or the life of the unborn child has to be considered as “violence”.  So this is not about the drunken husband assaulting the little wife because the sambol didn’t taste good – so be undeceived.


Both of Sri Lanka’s gender bills also seek to enforce “obligations” under the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women – CEDAW, which is the radical feminist agency of the United Nations whose unelected committee members instruct nations around the world to legalise abortion, prostitution and sodomy, among other evils.

The Empowerment of Women Act seeks not only to “enforce” the obligations to CEDAW, but also to the controversial UN Sustainable Development Goals, and several other specified and unspecified “international Conventions, Treaties, Agreements, and other applicable international instruments” in a blind and total submission of national sovereignty.

While provisions in international instruments – specified and “other”, are wholesale made into Sri Lankan law, the controversial term “gender” is also to be enacted, thereby adding vagueness to obscurity.


There are men, and there are women and that’s it.  The word ‘sex’ was used to refer to the male sex and the female sex.  Many may remember filling forms long ago which asked for Name;, Address:, Sex:, Phone Number:, etc.  When the question was sex, the answer was either male, or female.

Gender is more of a feeling, a subjective identification, a temperament or a persona, and it may refer inter alia to practitioners of deviant sexual behaviour, living together in deviant “family” disarrangements.  Rights and dignity accorded to sodomic behaviour will enable anyone to get “married” to anyone else, form any type of “family” structure – that may include the dog since bestiality is also a gender – and to make or take children.

“Gender” was defined in the draft Gender Equality bill, as including men, women, those who identify as transgender, and also “any new identities that may emerge in the future”.  The bill that was gazetted on 1oth April 2024 does not have a definition of “gender”. Instead “gender identity” is defined non-sensically, and includes the assertion that “women, men and others” are “socially constructed”.

If the gullible believe that these UN-driven local legislative initiatives have arisen to benefit Sri Lankan women, they might be disappointed.  Since identity and subjectivity form the basis of gender, “women” will not necessarily be those of the female sex, but rather anyone who ‘identifies as a woman’.  Further, the question arises why the citizenry need to sectioned, particularly into novel groups into which anyone can simply identify, and where such identifications indicate mental illness, celebration of unnatural carnal behaviour, or an intent to manipulate, in order to sanction special rights and privileged equalities upon them.

The two sexes – men and women, have been included in the set of genders recognised in the Sri Lankan gender bills, that also include lesbian, agender, male homosexual (aka “gay”), transgender, non-binary, furry, minor-attracted (that’s another name for pedophile), etc, and all such queer, overlapping moods and behaviours which can be a gender to the person who identifies with it, and which one might discover in the LGBTQ+ soup – where the Q can mean pretty much anything and the plus is for more of it.

Gender is also fluid, that is, it can change, according to your whims.  The Sri Lankan government reported to the UN HRC committee that Sri Lankans can get a legal gender change certificate within 5 days.


The ”gender” “equality” bill is not for the benefit (deserved or undeserved) of women, because if it was, it would have been called the “women’s” equality bill.  These bills are not about having 50% of our parliament filled with females, or half the corporate boards, but it is about systematically mandating, enforcing and ensuring equal outcomes across all genders.  The National Policy on Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment – courtesy of the abortion promoting UNFPA, UN Women and UNDP, whose provisions the bill seeks to implement, mentions “gender minorities” 80 times.

So there will be imposition of quotas in positions of leadership and policy-making and influence in public and private institutions for LGBTQ+, indeed in “all spheres of political, economic and social life” in addition to a proportion of power slots for those who identify as women – and some of these might even be beta men.  Even opportunistic women who may wish to take advantage of the quotas accorded to women to advance their careers will find that the men will fight with the same weapons using transgenderism to fill themselves into women’s slots – because by law a man who is legally a transgender woman will legally be a woman.

Celebrating and legalising gender change means not only that a woman can legally become a cat, but a man can become a legal woman.  He can then participate in women’s sport – and be a champion that he could never have been among men.  Transgender women – that is men legally become women, can use women’s bathrooms, and changing rooms, and enter other areas reserved for real women such as spaces within mosques – and anyone who objects for the sake of justice, modesty, civility, privacy or common sense will be found to be the criminal according to the law.  Indeed the UNFPA National Policy seeks to end “religious prejudice and institutionalized discrimination” and the next Cardinal might have to be a lesbian.


They are coming for your children.  Yes, the policy includes changing the curricula in schools to tell our children that all the genders have equal rights, which would actually be special privileges.  Gender equality would mean the genders get quotas not only in top tiers and power positions of organisations, but also quotas of time on TV and exposure on other media channels and public spaces, with “equal” proportions of books with stories of families having two fathers or three mothers engaging in disgusting deviant acts of carnal gratification being required to be placed in children’s libraries, and all Deviance will be made Equal to Normality, and indignity will be dignified by law.

“Sexual and reproductive health education” is to be mandated into general education according to the UNFPA National Policy which the gender bills seek to legislate.  Read normalisation and dignification of condoms, Depo-Provera, loops, pills, abortion, fornication, masturbation and adultery.  “Sensitisation of media institutions” regarding the normalisation of abortion, prostitution, fornication and sexual deviance and the mockery of fatherhood, motherhood, marriage and the family are priorities for the United Nations and is well noted in the Policy.


Sri Lanka is on the verge of legislating an absurd concept known as “gender equality”.  “Equality” is a nice word that all may wish to endorse, but legislating equality is dangerous without clarity on which factors are to be equalised.  The fact is that equality is not a fundamental value, and we need to first specify what equality – that is, the equality of what with what, is being considered.

So, are men and women equal?  Many may shout “yea”, “of course”, and there might perhaps even be a Greta-esque “how dare you ask”.

Let’s break it down and get specific.  Are men and women equal in human dignity?  Yes, well, because men and women are human beings.  Should men and women be treated equally before the law?  Well, yes, one might say yes to that as well – bearing in mind that the mentioned laws being proposed for this country seek to enforce special privileges on any thing other than men.

Should men and women have equal opportunities for social and economic advancement? Sure.  Are men and women equal when it comes to upper body strength?  Hmm, no.  And men will generally be faster, stronger and jump higher.  That is why women have their own sports competitions, without which they may never win.

Are men and women equal when it comes to beauty?  No, sir, that’s a woman’s prerogative, and I think Charlotte Bronte observed this too, as did Adam when he awoke from his slumber.  Are men and women equal in competence in putting baby to sleep?  Probably not. Are men and women equal when it comes to pregnancy and lactation?  Eh, no, men inherently fail miserably here.  Are men and women equal in terms of the factors which motivate them and things that interest them?  Generally, no.  There are more male engineers and more female nurses because that is what they are drawn towards and are good at, in general, and not because some tyrant is preventing more men from going into nursing.

Should a woman have the opportunity to be the CEO? Yes of course.  Should she become the CEO? Yes, but only if she is the best candidate, and not because she happens to be a woman.  She should be on a board because she a great director, not because the law provides quotas for her. She or or any person claiming a gender from the LGBTQ+ selection should be ashamed to break a glass ceiling that has been lowered and weakened specially for them.

Tyranny ensues when competency is rejected, and opportunity is mandated – based on factors not relevant to the role. The best leader should be the leader. If in the pool of candidates, the best leader is the monkey, the monkey should be appointed. The monkey should not be denied the role, because there was a legal quota for the peacock.


Apart from making women think that their feminine fulfilment lies in becoming as men, and running the rat race among other things, the enforcement of quotas based on this thing called gender will provide the nation with leaders appointed on the irrelevant basis of “gender”, rather than on the bases of suitability, inclination, and competence.  This is a great recipe for the downfall of the family, the deconstruction of marriage, and the demise of civilisation, apart from being counter-productive to the recruiting promoting or appointing organisation, and the destruction of meritocracy.

“Gender Equality” with its roots in radical feminism, which seeks defeminisation of women and the prohibition of celebration of the differences complementarity and cooperation between men and women, who are destined by natural design to unite in marriage and form a family, which forms the bedrock of a stable and healthy society.  Indeed, stating that a family consists of father, mother and children will be condemned as “harmful stereotyping”, “gender-based violence” or “discrimination” – if the gender ideologues get these bills enacted into Sri Lankan law.

The gender equality bill is not about legislating equal opportunity, but rather for the enforcing (cf. affirmative action) of equal outcomes, (cf. substantive equality; equity) by mandating quotas in positions of leadership, policy-making and influencing culture. ESG-drunk organisations are already crowing about balance, parity, representation, and so on, and now it will become law. This bill seeks to enforce such equalities of outcome with respect to any and every gender – present or future, in every hierarchy. Any fool knows that quotas and competency are mutually exclusive, and slot-filling has to be done by force, at the expense of the worthy who happen to be in the wrong “gender”.


The neo-imperialistic gender bills, cheered on by an influential fifth column spells death for civilization, the end of the pre-eminence of authentic marriage, the natural family, chastity and self-restraint, wholesomeness, and of a society built up upon strong family values.  It promotes a neo-marxist worldview of a patriarchal oppressor trampling on women and sodomists, who need to be disempowered by means of draconian legislation that would decimate the relationships between man and woman and the idea of marriage and family, mandate embryocide and foeticide, liberalise prostitution, institutionalise adult and adolescent promiscuity education, impose quotas in leadership based on irrelevant factors usurping merit, which would control and transmogrify government, industry and the education of our children – and define as violence any act to defend innocent life, the dignity of marriage, the value of the traditional family, and the beautiful complementarity between man and women – made for each other.

Honorable Minister

Sri Lanka’s Constitution guarantees equality before the law and equal opportunity for all persons irrespective of sex and other factors.  So, the question that must arise is: why is the UN pushing the government of Sri Lanka to enact a “gender” equality bill?

“Gender” is something you identify as – it is subjective and unreal. A man who thinks he is a woman, does not become a woman just because a government issues him a legal “gender” change certificate.  A man who identifies as a woman is either ill or being deceitful.  It is therefore not prudent to make laws enforcing “gender balance”, “gender parity”, “gender representation” in decision-making positions of organisations, because then the nation’s government and institutions will have leaders who are mentally-ill, or are devious manipulators.

Men and women are realities, and man and woman unite to form families.  And society is built upon families.  The male sex and the female sex are real.  Gender is fantasy, and social constructionism is a flawed theory.  Even monkeys can teach us this.  When an object is given to male monkeys, they play with it or break it or throw it away.  The female monkeys cuddle it, rock it and put it to sleep.  The maternal instinct and behaviour is not negative stereotype – it is a deep reality.

Substantive equality and affirmative action are the forcing of quotas in leadership.  When “gender minorities” are put into leadership by quotas, the leaders will be mediocre, at best.  When instead, opportunity is given to the best person to be decision-maker or influencer, the organisation – and nation, will thrive.  If this gender equality idea was genuinely about equality of opportunity, it would be de facto obsolete, because equality of opportunity is already governed by the law.  And it is not for the benefit of women – if it was, it would be called the Women’s Equality bill, right?

This “gender equality” act and the UNFPA-supported National Policy on Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment seeks to enforce equality of outcome through quotas, and pave the way also to legalising abortion, prostitution, and adolescent promiscuity education, and change the social and cultural landscape of Sri Lanka.  Educational curricula in children’s schools will be changed to teach that sodomy is normal, and fornication is to be celebrated.  That man-man “families” and woman-woman “families” are equal to the natural family.

It will become “gender-based violence” to assert that marriage is true only when it is between a man and a woman, united fecundly – because gender equality will require man and man and beast to have the equal right to “marry”.  It will become legal for lesbians to bring up children.  It will be “discrimination” to promote the competent man, if the transgender person has got a quota slot.  It will be violence to protect the life of an unborn child because “reproductive rights” are integral to gender equality.

No doubt you are aware that the UNFPA’s mandate is depopulation of the developing world, and their primary efforts are in abortion and decimation of the natural marriage and family values.  And the UNFPA is behind the National Policy.

I urge you, the representatives of the people of Sri Lanka, to reject the disastrous gender bills.  It will not even be of use to women since men identifying as women (“transgender”) will legally fill up the “women’s” quotas for representation on high positions – and in girls’ sports teams.  LGBT+ and homosexual acts will be performed on the streets, and the prevalence of abortion will skyrocket since women cannot be “equal” to men until they are free of the burden of motherhood.

The relationship between husband and wife in marriage will be redefined since the UN promotes the idea of a power struggle between men and women, not one of mutual support and cooperation for a noble purpose.  These are not surmises, but the plainly and openly stated objectives of the UN HRC committee, the CEDAW committee, the WHO and other supranational agencies, who seek to destroy civilisation around the world.

Honorable Minister, for the sake of our children, be brave, be bold, and reject the neo-colonist, evil and insane Gender Equality bill.

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