Clarifying Fiducia

Some readers may have come across an opinion piece in the Catholic Register, the diocesan newspaper of the Toronto Archdiocese, written by one of our students, Rory McKay here at Our Lady Seat of Wisdom. For the record, his opinion does not necessarily reflect that of the College, just as my own do not, in my own reflections. On the topic on which Mr. McKay writes – the prudence of Fiducia Supplicans – I beg to differ from Mr. McKay. I did suggest to Rory afterwards that he should avoid ad hominem arguments – many eminent cardinals and bishops who disagree with his opinion in fact do have sustained attention spans and deep reading comprehension. Also, to question the Pope and the Magisterium on this disciplinary development is not schism, which pertains to a refusal to submit to the legitimate authority of the Holy Father. And even in the document, there is implied permission for a wide scope of applicability. We will see where all this goes, and may the Holy Spirit lead us in wisdom and truth.