Catholic Education, Whither Art Thou?

The Catholic School Board of Waterloo was going to fly a flag in solidarity – so to speak – with ‘Pride Month’. The emblem showed stick figures of different rainbow colours, in front of a stick figure Christ – blessing them all with open arms, with the Scriptural-esque verses ‘we are all wonderfully made’, and ‘we love because he first loved us’:

Of course, they couldn’t just come out and say that God makes people homosexual as part of His wonderful diversity, and that same-sex attraction and acting out thereon is a good and noble thing, just as good, if not better, than the heterosexual variety – for to explicitly say so would be heretical, and rather confrontational.

But we all know what is meant, and what is likely taught behind the closed doors of the classroom to these impressionable young minds, already imprinted by the ubiquitous mainstream media, from Disney to FaceBook.

My question is, why have a Catholic system that is scarcely in any discernible, practical way ‘Catholic’? Besides the doctrinal errors, how much sacramental practice is lived out by the members, staff and students? How many can recite the Nicene Creed, understand what they say, and mean it?

We might take some comfort that they backed down, but the fact that they intended to fly this idiotic flag, and the errors that underlie such, must be faced. The whole system is likely now beyond redemption, so much entangled is it with the government, the funding, the bureaucracy, red tape, political correctness, ideology, and just plain evil, that to this writer’s mind, ’tis best to start over, whatever that means – homeschooling, private schools, school co-operatives, schools in catacombs.

As the tag line had it, if a mind is a terrible thing to waste, much more so is a soul.