Canon 87’s ‘Loophole’ and the TLM: Closed

What was feared has now come to pass, with the closing of the ‘loophole’ of Canon 87.1, by Cardinal Roche, current head of the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Sacraments. A rescription was promulgated just yesterday, February 21st, the memorial, as providence would have it, of Saint Peter Damian, and the eve of what would be today’s feast of the Chair of Saint Peter. Make of that what you will, and of this rescriptum. Canon 87 is not really a loophole, but rather itself a law which preserves the proper authority of the bishop in his own diocese.

There is more to be said, in due time, for this goes beyond law, into the very realm of ecclesiology, the authority of bishops, subsidiarity, spirituality, souls, conscience, and what it means to worship God. Here is what I wrote a couple of weeks ago, when this was all in the works. Pray for the Church, and, as many are urging, offer up your Lenten penance, which, as the Fathers said, water our intercession, giving it life and efficacy.