Wake Up, Canada!

Freedom Rally, 2022

Réveillez-vous, Canada, and Joan Up!

I appreciated Kennedy Hall’s clarion call to stand fast against tyranny and oppression – with which I heartily agree – as well as his waxing eloquent on the Canadian virtues of strength and resilience – with which I also agree, but demur, with this caveat: Canadians have allowed the Trudeaus to do to them what they willed, in exchange (as is the wont of all those of dictatorial bent) for their panem et circenses, their bread and circuses, their ‘free’ health care and education; their baby bonuses; their Timmy’s double-doubles; their big screen TV’s and hockey nights in Canada, with most of the teams and players non-Canadian, playing their national sport. Too many of the men are vasectomized – it’s free, after all – the women on the ‘pill’, and children a vanishing species. We have had abortion-on-demand since 1988, even since 1969, as physicians dodged the paper restrictions with which Trudeau, Sr. legalized the procedure. Hundreds of thousands of unborn children have been sacrificed in a holocaust to hedonism. The children who have survived have grown up in moral toxicity, addicted to and now bored by porn and precocious sex, a good number uncertain whether they’re a boy, or a girl, or something in-between. And Trudeau has just made it illegal to help them, in any way, out of their confusion. Oh, and he is pushing through a law that will allow him to censor anything on the internet he doesn’t like (hence, my own contribution in this medium may soon be limited).

Religious affiliation and practice is dropping to near-undetectable levels, and our hierarchy, with a few notable exceptions, absent from the field of battle, silent on almost every pertinent issue, submitting to every whim of the state, some even barring the baptized from their own churches and sacraments. The bishops of Quebec have just more or less handed the keys of the Church over to Premier Legault. Sad to say, but I’m not sure how much the Church in Canada, or Canada herself, would change if every bishop disappeared tomorrow. I can only guess that liturgy might improve, as traditionally-minded younger priests were given more room to maneuver. But it’s not too late, your Excellencies and Graces to find your apostolic parrhesia! Beleaguered and scattered Catholics want to be fed with the bread of true spiritual teaching, and not the stones of doubtful medical commands and subservience to a secular state.

There is an adage that we get the leaders we deserve, and the Trudeaus are more a symptom than a cause. They have gutted Canada because Canadians allowed them to do so. Everyone under 50 has been taught in an educational system – whether public or ‘Catholic’ – almost completely in the hands of Marxist and anti-Christian government apparatchiks, from which even private schools are not immune. And we wonder why they, and now their children, are all as woke as woke can be? They would skip and dance as their un-woke parents, siblings and erstwhile friends are dragged off to internment camps, or worse.

But did not Christ predict as much?

In this Covid insanity, such Canadians were ripe for the picking. Most are now suffering from societal Stockholm syndrome, comfortably numb and safe in their masks, distancing, and Lady Macbeth-level obsessive washing and disinfecting. Would people even now know what to do with their freedom?

I hope Mr. Hall is right, and there is still that original habitant, missionary, courageous spirit in Canadians, latent, and ready to be actualized.

It certainly seems to be there in the truckers, who are a different breed. They are hidden workers – and work they do. If they don’t, they don’t get paid, meagre as their wages are. For whatever they do make is per mile, diminished by countless unpaid hours waiting in traffic, bad weather and border crossings. They live silent lives, covering thousands of miles, often alone, to deliver food to our table, and all the goods to our homes. They are the very lifeblood of the economy. Trucking is not an industry; it is the industry, and their drivers are industrious.

Since they have ‘real’ jobs, they more easily see reality as it is. For there is no faking it in trucking; you get the job done, in real time.

Trudeau, on the other hand, has never had to work a day in his life, an insouciant inheritor living off his family’s fortune. I’m not saying he hasn’t worked; but he displays no signs of such industriousness, no ‘feel’ for it. A petulant boy-man not fit for the job, groomed and cultivated by powers beyond him, who wants to force men stronger than he to bend knee to his diktats, jabbed as many times as he decrees with a mysterious concoction whose effects are still unknown and unpredictable, just so they can continue pounding out countless miles in the snow and rain, on his behalf.

Yet our insouciant Prime Minister has the hubris to insult those who demur – bigots, racists, misogynists, whatever grab-bag comes to his shallow mind – denigrating men whom he knows not, and cares never to know. They must be so, for they disagree with him. They are infra dignitatem eius, he wipes his delicate boots on their backs. But he refuses to face them them when they turn, hiding behind his overpaid police and their drastic measures doing his dirty work.

Pay your soldiers well, warned Nero.

He thinks they will submit, if enough force is applied, hopefully in secret, away from the eyes of those whom he must please and keep duped, the half-billion bribe to the CBC and other Canadian ‘news’ outlets painting the story he, and those powers behind him, want the people to see.

Chaos and mayhem might be avoided if Trudeau does the right thing, and goes quietly back to his pot and play-acting life, before it’s too late. Oh, and he ends the oppressive and counter-productive mandates – all of them – on his way out the door, as a gesture of good will, so he’s not remembered in complete ignoble infamy.

For he has awoken the Ents, that Canada, glorious and free, that existed before the Trudeaus and their vitiating socialism began rotting the souls of her people. That indomitable spirit still simmers in those resolute truckers, and those who stand with them. They are not pleased, and they will not go quietly.

The rest of you wavering on which side to choose? Well, the right one.

Our Lady, Saint Joseph and the Holy Canadian Martyrs, orate pro nobis! +