Bye, Bye, Miss Canadian Pie?

A good summation on the state of our nation, where Canada is, and where we’re headed, by David Solway. After traveling across this vast land, and speaking with all sorts of people, Mr. Solway despairs, after witnessing firsthand the ignorance and compliance of most Canadians, ready and primed for more lockdowns, masking, mandates, passports, digital currency and state over-reach of all sorts. But what is one to expect from the graduates of an educational system designed not only to breed ignorance of the most necessary and fundamental truths, but an abiding hatred of them? How many Canadians live unshriven lives of grave sin, and stoned on weed to boot?

Read over Solway’s lament and weep; or, better yet, get mad and determined. My only quibble would be with the notion of courage he mentions part way through, fitting as we commemorate Saint Andrew. Yes, it takes some fortitude to leave one’s country, and head off for greener pastures, say, Florida or some desolate island north of Scotland. I’ve thought of that. But it also takes guts to stand one’s ground, and fight on, like the lads at the Alamo. And I say that as an immigrant. But I grew up in Canada, and have come to love her lakes, rivers, trees, hills, mountains, prairies, but, more so, her glorious Catholic heritage, the indigenous, the pioneers, habitants, missionaries, martyrs, who built this great nation, now being systematically and, it seems, deliberated dismantled by an miseducated band of petty tyrants, in thrall to China and its communist ideology, along with insidious culture of death in its wake. See Terry McDermott’s own take on euthanasia.

Perhaps Canada is moribund, but we should stand back and watch her demise without some resistance. There’s a lot of good left that may yet be salvaged, and may bear fruit for the future. Whatever happens, and whatever path you discern – perhaps we may have to abandon captain Trudeau’s good ship Lollipop, her sunny ways well behind her, going down to the bottom of the sea – and return someday to rebuild on the wreckage – remember always that God is our hope, our refuge and our strength. This earthly pilgrimage is but a penultimate one, to a far, far greater life to come. Stand strong, dear reader, in the truth, in goodness, and in freedom.

Saint Andrew would do no less. Courage mes frères et mes sœurs!