Blackmore’s Conviction and Ignorance of History

So it turns out that Winston Blackmore, along with his sidekick in polygamy James Oler, has been convicted, a good thing I suppose, but the decision is already being appealed, and will this whole thing will likely end up at the Supreme Court, that benighted array of ‘divines’ whom we have chosen to interpret the legal and moral law for us.  I don’t expect much good to come from this, for once you lose the metaphysical underpinnings of marriage, the whys and wherefores of that great sacrament, then why not polygamy?  If it is all about fulfilling one’s desires and ‘religious’ observances, then who is to say what goes?  Many Muslims will be with Blackmore, polygamy, polyamory, poly-whatever will be the law of the land.  Or should I say, lawlessness?  As the family goes, so goes society…

Speaking of which, it seems Amanda Pfeiffer of CBC’s Ontario Today needs a refresher in history.  Sadly, the host (hostess?) declared, during the debate on euthanasia last week, with Dr. Sephora Tang as guest, declared that the debate over euthanasia was over, as it was now the ‘law of the land’.  Ms. Pfeiffer, whose principles, or lack thereof, evince the sad effects of our current educational system, should review the tumult of Germany, circa 1937 or so, wherein euthanasia was also the ‘law of the land’, not only legal, but compulsory for certain groups deemed ‘deficient’, a law which led by a straight road to the full horrors of the ‘final solution’.  Following the ‘law of the land’ was no excuse for those put on trial at Nuremberg, for a right and royal conscience, formed in the eternal and natural, moral law of God, always trumps an evil law.  ‘We must obey God rather than men’. Those who stand in the truth must resist such evil, even to the point of ‘shedding their blood’. We cannot just stand by as passive observers, but fight back, and declare the truth in no uncertain terms, as Saint Paul declares, and as Pope Paul did on this day in Humanae Vitae.

So be of stout and courageous heart.  If Christ is with us, who can be against?