Archangels and Signs on the Earth

A blessed feast of the Archangels to all our readers! Father Scott’s article on the Saint Michael prayer points out that this used to be the feast only of the great defender of heaven, he ‘who is like God’, hence, Michaelmas. The other two angels were added in the revisions after Vatican II, Raphael, ‘the healing of God’ and Gabriel, the ‘strength of God’, all of whom played, and continue to play, significant roles in bringing about God’s providential work. This feast represents the ‘myriads upon myriads’ of heavenly beings of pure intellect and will who serve God, as described in today’s readings Daniel and Revelation. Their intercession is powerful indeed, so pray to them today, and throughout the year, for what intentions you have, for yourself, the Church, the world, which needs such more than ever.

The travails in the spiritual realm are mirrored here on Earth, for the two, heaven and earth, are not separate, but rather coalesce into one complex reality, a coalescence most evident most in our own selves, where we exist between the two, and the battle internal, not for our bodies, but for our souls.

We need not look far for examples: the strife in the Church, as accusations fly back and forth, many unanswered, or answered in subtle and obscure ways. Archbishop Vigano has challenged the Holy Father once again in a new missive, with the Pope, if we may interpret his sermons and other words, responding thus far only indirectly.

Things are more direct in the Kavanaugh trial, wherein someone seems to be lying outright, with whatever level of culpability. Both the testimony of Mr. Kavanaugh and his accuser, Dr. Ford, seem emotional and heart-felt, but her testimony has not the weight of much external evidence, and how does he prove his innocence without such, except by the weight of his words, and what current witnesses he can call to defend his good name?

I hope for their sake that no one in this whole mess is engaging in black calumny, for a soul is worth more than the whole world, to say nothing of the gains or loss of a seat on the coveted Court.

It is no wonder that Christ describes Satan as a ‘liar and a murderer’, for once we begin to distort the truth, not only does trust, requisite for any society, die a quick death, but people’s reputations, even their very lives can be destroyed.

And speaking of the spiritual and material realms, pray for the victims of the earthquake and tsunami in Indonesia. As I wrote recently, God is the master of the wind and the sea, and these calamities happen for some reason, hidden in the mystery of God’s will, which we should discern as we go along, not least by immersing ourselves in His word.

And there shall be signs in the sun, and in the moon, and in the stars; and upon the earth distress of nations, with perplexity; the sea and the waves roaring.

For those with eyes to see, let them see…