An Update from Devonshire

A few words from dreekit Devon, with the heavy rain coming down here in the village of Brixham, on the south coast of England, most famous, or infamous as your proclivities lean, as the landing spot of William of Orange on November 5, 1688, the beginning of the ‘Glorious Revolution’, making Protestantism permanent in England (well, we will see about that, as you may read; I will post some thoughts on the Isle of Albion tomorrow).

In the meantime, I did have an article published in Crisis magazine a few days ago, on the 50th anniversary of Humanae Vitae, the prophetic, landmark, sign-of-contradiction, Catholic-world-dividing encyclical of Blessed Paul VI.

I also plan to write on the fine line between evil and insanity, in light of the recent shooting in Toronto. The sad lone perpetrator, who apparently took his own life when confronted by police (as they often do) was ‘disturbed’, but by what, we know not.  Pray for his soul, for those of his vicitims, both deceased, and those who lived, but will live with the effects of this evil for the rest of their lives.

And while on evil, which resides in all of us, it seems that some of its more evident forms are alive and well in the Church. By credible reports, Cardinal McCarrick has been up to no good for a long time. Too little, too late, perhaps, but now stripped of his title, he has been told to go into seclusion, to prepare, one may surmise, for the only judgement that really counts in the end.

As should we all, for our own sins, and offer what prayer and reparation we can. There is a fine article in First Things, on the simple, hidden sanctity of three young persons to be canonized during the upcoming Youth Synod. Edifying reading, and much recommended.

So, on with the pilgrimage, as I make my way, bit by bit, to Rome as providence guides, taking your intentions along with me.

A blessed and joyous Sunday to all!