An (Open) Letter to My Township

(Here, should it prove in any way useful, is a letter I wrote to my own local township on their decision to exhibit the ‘pride’ flag. Oddly, the motion to fly the actual flag was defeated; but a subsequent motion to portray the flag digitally on the sign by the side of the highway outside of town was accepted. Anon, here are my own thoughts).


To the Mayor and Councilors of Madawaska Township,

I trust you are well, and the task of governing our township not weighing too heavy a
burden upon you. My gratitude, and I don’t mean for these few words to add to that
burden – only to offer my perspective as a resident of the township, for the common

The issue is the ‘pride’ flag/image – now, as I understand, to be portrayed digitally on
the arena sign for the month of June. I realize there are differences of opinion, belief
and practice in contemporary society and within this town, and we must strive to go
along and get along, for the common good, as best we might.

Here, however, it does not seem there was sufficient debate and discussion before this
decision was made, with the opinions of a very strident and vocal group having undue
influence on what should be a more democratic and process.

The ‘pride’ image is contentious, giving special recognition to groups who identify by
particular kinds of proclivities. The image – purported to end unjust discrimination, itself
a worthy end – has gone beyond that, and is now well into the normalization, even
celebration, of behaviour that many other groups in this community see as immoral and

This is exacerbated by the addition of transgenderism to this mix, which involves tragic
chemical and surgical mutilation, even of children, who are unable to offer anything
resembling informed and mature consent. All of this will have a cascade of deleterious
consequences, the beginnings of which we are now just glimmering.

I suggest, with respect and charity, that to avoid further division with this already divided
community, that this decision be reconsidered.

My gratitude for your time.