An Apologia, and Some Light in the Darkness

Someone pointed out a new-ish on-line magazine, for Catholic Insight is not the only voice out there, and gratias Deo for it: Intellectual Take-Out lives up to its name, in the couple of articles I have perused. Not to draw you away from these pages, for we’re all in this together, but give it a try, and feel free to let us know what you think (and of the writing here as well).

For those of you reading this in the local area – as these pages appear linked in the on-line bulletin of the local church of Saint Hedwig’s – an apologia: I interrupted the priest this morning, as he launched into the Gloria after the Kyrie. I tried to whisper from my spot cantoring in the choir loft, ‘Father, we don’t say the Gloria during Lent!’, and once I began, ’twas difficult to stop, as my whisper the second time got a bit louder. Perhaps I should have waited until after Mass, which I may normally have done. As I mentioned to Father apologizing afterward, part of my discombobulation was our obsession with current health directives, and I thought, at least let us keep the Liturgy as intact as we might in these fractious days. But there are ways of doing that without imposing our will – in the moment – on everyone else, even if it be right and good, or we deem it so. In omnibus caritas, the saying goes, and we may all do our best to get along amicably and peaceably.