Americans, Giving Thanks

    A blessed and joyous Thanksgiving to all our readers south of the 49th parallel, in the great, but not-so-much United, States of America. The Covidian divisions are separating mother-in-law from daughters-in-law in ways we might not have expected, as the lockdowns roll through the land. Count yourselves fortunate to live in one of those States whose governors refuse to bend the knee to Czar Fauci, one amongst many of those imposing a nation-wide tyranny, which the early pilgrims ironically set out to flee. And many of those freedoms they took so many risks to find, are now not just being whittled away, but smashed to smithereens.

    If you’re in a rather rebellious mood, to get together regardless with kith and kin, the fightin’ Irish exhortation of Sean Fitzpatrick may be welcome, that a virtual Thanksgiving is not much a thanksgiving at all. .

    However you celebrate, here’s wishing you all many, many graces, in the true spirit of eucharisticos, of giving thanks, to the One to Whom we owe all things.